Andy Warhol’s Quote on Being World Famous for 15 Minutes!

Andy Warhol

‘In the future, everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes.’  So you can’t choose the 15 minutes but why would you be world famous?

One of the most important artists of Pop Art today, Andy Warhol. You can remember him for his paintings of Campbell’s soup cans and he also created hundreds of other works including commercial advertisements and films. If each one of us are famous at some stage in the future, it makes sense to prepare ourselves on the topic. Lets briefly take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of being famous:

The greatest advantage of being famous is all that fame and fortune!

We get to live in huge mansions with our sexy partners and we have butlers and body guards…and cooks! We spend our holidays in expensive resorts and yachts, wear designer labels and drive fancy cars. Doors open for us everywhere and we get all the attention. Our voices are easily heard and we can make a huge change in the world.

Ok, so being in the spotlight means no privacy and you can risk your own safety. Another disadvantage is loneliness and anxiety from all the attention and possibilities. You might be faced with some crazy fan addict or an obsessive stalker. Trust and honesty become something from the past and you start to question your real friends or are they just fans who’s riding your wave of fame? 

When it is your turn to be famous, I say step out under that spotlight and give it your best shot. Life is all about risks and taking on challenges. Go on, make that special entrance and be the world’s famous star….and do it for you!

*Please add your own advantages and disadvantages in the comment boxes 😉 

How Do You Step from the Top of a 100-foot Pole


Do you listen to yourself when your inner voice tells you: ”enough!” Are you able to step down your 100-foot pole?

It is time to take off your pompous mask and allow the world to see your true face: ”the naked you without  your illusional perfection or immortality!”

How many of us are willing to do that? How many of us are willing to admit we are wrong, we are fragile and we are vulnerable beings on this dear planet?

They say ignorance is bliss….but what they not saying: ”ignorance is the cause of all our problems.”

An interesting thought: ”Stepping down is our own translation and perception of reality. What if stepping down means stepping up in the eyes of the universe?” 

When this urge comes, adjust something in your life, pay attention and start investigating your reality. Listen and enquire deeply about your feelings and emotions. Trust in opening up to those who truly cares about you and open up to their perceptions and perspectives of you. The more you check your life, the deeper you will look into the source of your mind and the more your emotions appear, the more they will disappear. Resulting in turning around your confusion into that of authenticity and lasting happiness.

Now what about that pole you were climbing…..which pole?

Our Crowning Glory


Hair is a big thing in my community. I am part of a nation called Rainbow nation. Just  imagine a colourful bunch of people, with colourful hair and a colourful culture. So why is hair so important in our culture? Why is hair our pride and crowning glory?

Let me start: ”My hair is an outward expression of the love I have within me. When I experience difficult times, I question my hair…I try to change my hair”

I then went and asked a couple of friends and relatives about their relationship with their hair:

    ”My hair’s connected to my moods. My moods are very much dependent on the state of my hair.”

    ”The straighter my hair, the better I feel from within. I get it right with a Swirlkous!” 

    ”I feel important, powerful and it gives me that extra confidence at work or in any environment.”

    ”My hair is the most significant in my life, even more so than my boyfriend!”

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After much thought on the subject, what revealed to me was that our reality is not shaped by the state of our hair but shaped by the experiences we gain from expressing ourselves through the state of our hair. Take responsibility for your own experiences by expressing a beautiful you, expressing a happier you, of living authentically in all your endeavours, without the need of approval from others.

It seems obvious our hair’s indeed, our crowning glory!