True Love


We all know this beautiful fairytale of that day we’ll meet our true love who’ll sweep us off our feet and take us away where we’ll live happily ever after. Well, most of us have this dream and still do. Our longing for true love is there and we yearn for that special someone, just for us.

Before we find true love, loving oneself seems like the obvious thing to do. It’s impossible to love someone else, if the feeling of love is not within ourselves first.

Today, finding true love has become a full-time search in our modern society. Keeping or maintaining your true love is even harder. How come? What do we wrong?

There is an old saying: ”Truly loving someone is setting them free.”


We all know we can never own someone else, but we still do that. It is impossible, and this is where we go wrong. Living this fact of knowing we can never own our loved ones, that’s exactly the time we set them free. When this happens, a natural feeling of want arises for our loved ones. We will make any effort to love them and impress them. We will be creative, with a lightness in our step and a happy smile on our face.

As humans we tend to want that what we can’t have. Setting them free does not mean we must let go of them, it means we create a space in our mind and hearts for an unattached love.

How hard is it to follow instructions

How do I follow instructions and how do I feel about following them? As a matter of fact, it is hard to follow instructions, especially if it is not your own. I say that following instructions equals to that of being controlled. Lets explore.

Control is the power which serves to check, restrain, or hinder. Personally, I do not like being controlled.  For example, when I took my first flight all excited and curious, I was confronted with the intense feeling of being controlled: signs, passport control checks, security checks, safety checks, baggage checks, etc. I was ordered and controlled from one to the other. Following every instruction until I arrived exhausted, with a significant lack of enthusiasm for my return flight.

Are these instructions meant for our highest good?

Instructions or being controlled by an entity all serve a purpose. My above airport scenario unquestionably confirms: safety first.

Once the outcome of a specific instruction is known, a conscious decision to follow it or not seems obvious, with the correct attitude to match. I say that, is the hard part.

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