Is It Possible to Lie Without Saying a Word?

Yes. Lying without saying a word is what I call lying by omission: leaving out a factual detail deliberately that would drastically change the meaning of what was said.

For example:

It’s buying something and not telling the person you bought it. It’s meeting someone for a liaison and not telling your significant other about it. It’s cheating on a test and telling no one. Deleting a word or a phrase to change its meaning to suit your needs….

Lying by omission is when an important fact is omitted, deliberately leaving another person with a misconception. The consequences of lying are that eventually no one will listen to you, trust you or take you serious. It is worth being honest to others and yourself. The benefits to live a life of integrity magnifies a life filled with abundance, love and happiness all year round!


Nothing is More Dangerous Than An Idea, When You Only 
Have One Idea (Alain)

Émile-Auguste Chartier, commonly known as Alain was a French philosopher, journalist, and pacifist who was renamed Alain after its most famous student. He contributed to several journals and publications such as The Dreamer, 81 Chapters About The Spirit and Passions, About Happiness, Mars, and The Citizen Against Powers.

I agree with Alain that having only one idea, can lead to harmful consequences. Have a look around you, check out the newspapers, think politics and those sitting on top of our money. Making the decisions for us. We follow.

An idea is also a positive experience, resulting in positive change. With the same awareness, think about all those ideas that contributed to our developed, evolved nations. Our world is still exceptionally beautiful. A place of unity, love and curiosity but most of all a place where we get to share our precious moments. Precious moments with our children.

The power of one-on-one–time-a-day with each of your children. Children crave attention and connecting with them provides a sense of security, creates safety in their relationships and positions them in the family, resulting in improved behavior.  This idea inspired me that I read from an online article.

Here are the steps you can take to create one-on-one–time-a-day with each of your children:

  1. Allocate 15 minutes of one-on-one time everyday.
  2. Spent uninterrupted time and focus on each child individually.
  3. Let your child choose the activities. This creates an in-control feeling and it allows space for creativity plus gives a sense of importance to your child.
  4. Be consistent as this is not a once off occurrence. Commit yourself to spending time with your children and your relationships will grow stronger, day-by-day.
  5. Your children’s time is high priority. Leave household chores or other commitments aside, nothing is more important than your children’s one-on-one time. Express this to your child as well 🙂

And lastly, have fun. They grow so quickly!

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It’s a Poor Idea to Lie to Yourself

When you make a false statement with a deliberate intent to deceive, that is when you lie. You plant a tiny seed of deception that will manifest some way or another in your life and usually accompanied by suffering and pain.

When you lie to someone you automatically lie to yourself. At a recent party, I lied to a stranger about who I was. The next day I felt immense guilt from my poor actions.Why did I do that? Too much alcohol? After feeling sorry for myself, I looked at the reasons why I lied.

The root of the problem: ‘I was not proud of myself.’ This made me very sad and insecure. A couple of days later, I made the effort to really get to know myself by enrolling in a weekend workshop. The results were amazing!

The act of lying and its consequences are inevitable. It will catch up with you if you don’t make amends now.  Lying equals not trusting and loving yourself enough, to tell the truth. 

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