It Is Better To Practice A Little Than Talk A Lot

Getting your message across can sometimes be hard. The trick is to talk out of experience and to communicate the most important part of that specific experience.

People stop listening at some point in conversation. We all do. It is human nature to lose concentration by the second or third paragraph unless the story is either super exciting, gory or filled with gossipy bits. By the way, stay away from gossip…it reeks of bad karma for both the listener and talker. People engage in gossip usually to feel superior to others. By knocking down others, the theory is that one can boost one’s own self-image. Saying no to gossip is protecting yourself and the other from planting negative karma seeds. So please stop it.

Here is how you can practice right speech and get people to listen to you: 

1. Approach others with confidence, hold that head up! 

2. Briefly introduce yourself  and look people in the eye. Remember you have the right to be here!

3. Get your point across!

Talk about something you are passionate about and then ask questions. This draws attention and allows for immediate interaction. Use your eyes and don’t talk about things you have just heard or read briefly. You will look a fool if you are trying to impress with your vague knowledge and your ego will standout and people will stay away and loose respect.

If you don’t have much experience, then practice asking questions. This supports you in obtaining lots of information, and creates a life of excitement and interest. Saying yes all the time, means your ‘yes’ has no value. What really works for me is when somebody is right or when it resonates with me. I never say: ”You are right.” Instead I say: ” I agree.” It is much more empowering for both of us and strengthens my personal choices.

Enjoy your speech as a tool to help others and yourself. It is a gift to express, to change, to converse and to share. Being proud of your talk means you are proud of being you!

When Someone Steals from You


A couple of weeks ago, a few house items were taken from me.  Someone effortlessly stole these in bright daylight.

When the first item was stolen, I felt angry, sad and disappointed. Why??? Why steal something so personal, so dear to me and so expensive. When someone steals from you, how do you feel? What goes on in your head? How do you react?


Is it my karma? Did I steal from someone in my past life?

If this is happening because of past life actions, then the best I can do today if I want to live a life of abundance and success is to forgive myself for my negative actions. Even if I’m not aware of my past actions, I can make wishes. Good wishes will transmute, dissolve and transform all negative actions into positive results. A compassionate nature to life, to all experiences is the key to supporting me in situations like these. So I would think: “They stole from me because I must have stolen from them in a past life…So now I am grateful for the experience, it could have been worse,I am still alive. I forgive myself for harming them in the past, I am sorry and I set them free. I wish them manifold of what they took from me.’

To conclude: a wish for all: Say STOP to stealing and YES to sharing! 😉