If I were the boss

personal source

I would choose a company that delivers the most profound product or service. I will be the boss of the universe. The boss who is in charge everywhere and who delivers to all. Sounds unrealistic and too good?

The first thing I would do is to fire everyone and everything that contributed to this messed up planet. I would transfer them to somewhere else, another department. On earth they call it hell, but I call it the moon. At least we can keep an eye on them.


The next thing is to send a universal message of abundant love across the planet. If we all love ourselves and only one person next to us, everyone will experience love. Happiness will reign and people will start thinking if I want happiness, so does everyone else. Nobody wants pain, suffering and loss. No more crime, no more corruption and no more fear. People will start to communicate and there will be freedom of speech.


Together with my main employees, we will take on this universal campaign of Abundant Love. In short, a unity and balance celebration will fill each individual’s lives and there will be enough for everyone. I will teach everyone how to let go of their attachment to life and possessions through various techniques such as generosity, communication and wisdom. I will show them how to tap into their innate, absolute power through meditation in order for everyone to get access to everything and what lies beyond.

Then we’ll deal with the greedy ones. We’ll take the monetary system away and will exchange our natural skills & resources with each other. We will build green, international communities where everyone will live peacefully in a sustainable, oasis of technology and information. And the old cities? We will recycle them and over time, they will disappear. We will teach our children the meaning of life by using these cities as examples of the impermanence and the greedy man: once ruled and now gone. We will unite, open borders and be part of a universal nation. We will call this nation the universal citizen.


If I were the boss, my focus and motivation will be protection, unification and equilibrium on our precious, intelligent planet for many more generations to come and live happily ever after.


Two people walk out of a building into a story

This is the story: ”two people exit a large building in the middle of summer around 5pm in some city. Both unaware of each other as they reach the main exit door. A courteous smile with an extended arm from the gentleman signalling the right to pass. This was followed by an automated nod of gratitude from the lady, then both dashed down the stairs to catch the first yellow taxi. Whilst waiting on the busy pavement, the gentleman looked up and mumbled something about the weather. The lady gave the man a quick glance, and confirmed the same.”

the weather* personal source

Lets pause here. How often do people, even ourselves talk about the weather? Mostly people we are unfamiliar with. Right? Or do we talk about our latest challenge in life, our dreams or how we are so unhappy with ourselves? Absolutely not. We talk about the weather  because it is the perfect ‘ice’ breaker! Oscar Wilde said that “Conversation about the weather is the last refuge of the unimaginative.”

Where does this come from? How come we talk about the weather? Something we do not have any control of? Something thats beyond our own power and our own personal being? The answer is we all have something in common with the weather. We all share the same space with the weather. It is not a personal thing, it is a universal thing, that affects us all. It is the most neutral thing to talk about without giving away any of ourselves or any part of our busy lives.

A spokesperson said: ”You can’t go anywhere or do anything in Britain without someone talking about the weather and we’re almost proud of the fact that we get more rain than anywhere else.”

What happened with the two people that left the building? They eventually shared a taxi and after much concern about the weather, started talking about how worst the traffic in the city became…..the rest of the story is up to your own imagination.