Conventional is a Good Fallback Position Isn’t It?

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Conventional lifestyle, living conservatively, same-same but different. Better than others. Right?

Conventional lifestyle on the one side offers security and stability and on the other limits you, your growth and living your full potential.

How do you live your life now? Conventional or Adventurous?

Something I experienced a while ago: “Ever wondered why we get challenged?

We get challenged with illnesses, breakups, career change, etc. These challenges are given to us to learn and grow. When we experience breakdowns, we’re forced to move and make necessary changes. We make the move into the unknown sooner or later. And after these breakdowns,no matter how long it takes, eventually we will experience breakthroughs!

Challenges are opportunities in disguise and it want us to move from our conventional lifestyles to more variety ones. Please do take a look back, way back and see how we evolved over time. It is human nature, an innate essence. We’re all part of the universe, part of evolution, and part of this change. By not making the choices ourselves, sooner or later the universe will send us challenges, whether we like them or not.

I choose a life of adventure, creativity, love, education and fun! 🙂

Why Am I Feeling So Sad… :-(


My post ‘Cry” from a few months ago inspired me to write this blog. I noticed that ‘Cry’ receives the most hits per month. Sadness affects so many people and they are out there searching for help.

Please note that this post is based on my personal experience with emotions. If you are experiencing trauma, anger, severe depression please do seek professional help immediately. I hope and pray that my perception of emotions can bring you some kind of relief, heal your heart and strengthen your wellbeing. May it support you and offer you light on your beautiful path called life…..

Lets take a look at what is going on when you are feeling sad:  You feel depressed, empty, it hurts, you feel rejected, sore and ugly but most of all you feel terribly lonely.

Well, first of all what you are experiencing is completely normal and natural. Feeling sad is the opposite emotion of feeling good. Sadness is the other side of the nice life. Call it what you may, it is there and is now part of you. The first thing is to accept that you feel like shit! 

The next thing is to know that like all things in life, our emotions are coming and going. It is constantly changing and you will feel different at some stage but for now… are feeling sad. The next question: ‘What do you do now with this horrible feeling?’ …..You simply feel it!

Yes, that is what you do. Feel it, go into and dive into it without thinking.Make sure when you feel this emotion that you have space, the right support and enough time. Open yourself up and give yourself the chance to really feel it. Go on and feel it!!

There is one thing you must never do: “Never make a decision when you are ‘inside’ an emotion, especially if you feel it very strong like anger. You can hurt yourself and others. It is not possible to make conscious choices under a strong emotion’s influence.”

It may take a few minutes, it may take a day….even a year! It depends how strong the emotion’s imprint is in your heart. Let it out, otherwise you’re faced with it again in the future…it normally shows itself as a disease, a failure or a row of negative results in your life.

Open your heart to your sadness and welcome it. Don’t be afraid, breath into it and be proud of yourself for being able to feel. Once you feel balanced and stronger, then allow yourself to make the healthy choices. Feeling is what makes us human. Any kind of emotion has its role, it is there for a reason. Don’t push it away, oppress it, abuse it or go against it. Take it on, learn from it and enjoy the lesson.

All our obstacles in life are hidden opportunities for us to grow and transform to the better.