Watch This Space


How often do you say this to yourself? Watch this space means you think there will soon be exciting changes in a situation or in your life.

One knows when its time to move on or make changes. Animal instinct! The feeling is exciting, uneasy, unsettling and very similar to those butterflies in our tummy. Sometimes we ignore that little voice but this time I say: “ Go!”

Avoiding change is stopping oneself from growing and reaching ones full potential. Walking into change is like opening up a present. You don’t know what you are getting, but you know that it is a gift and it can never harm you. It can only benefit you and if not, you can pass it on.

2012 is almost done and I am excited: I finish my postgraduate studies this year and I’m saying hello to a life of complete new beginnings! So watch this space!

A New Life


Bucket List


We are all familiar with the phrase ‘life is a journey, not a destination.’ Do we actually walk this talk?  Do we stop to smell the innocent, sweet flowers and hug the powerful, majestic trees when we race to the next achievement. Are we so rigidly focussed on our life path where our awareness is pulled towards either being faster or better than others, resulting in an overstressed, lonely, unhealthy and unhappy us? Sometimes we feel lost and we give up. Don’t! Life is there to live. So start getting involved in your own life (for you) by listening to your needs and ignite self-love. Having a bucket list can do just that!

When we die, we kick the bucket. This is where the expression “Bucket List” comes from. Listing things that you will do before you “kick the bucket”. You can write anything you want to do before you die, almost like a checklist and as you do the things, you tick it off. We live in a wonderful world of technology that makes life not just interesting but also easy. This website Bucket List and add your bucket list are great tools where you can join the bucket list communities.

Check it out and join the tribe of living life to the fullest!

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