Mom and Me

I never thought my mom and I would get this close. As a child it felt like she hated me, that she was never proud of my achievements and never gave me physical affection.

When I left home in my early twenties, I invited mom over to spend the weekend with me in the city.  She inspected my little habitat without saying a word and then continued towards the kitchen. After we had some lovely tea and cake, I felt now was the time for me to open up and look my mom in the eye, to talk to her not as my mom but like to another woman. I felt the time had come that she knows my truth.

I muttered nervously ahead that despite our indifference during my upbringing, I somehow felt that she loved me. I understood at some point that it must have been hard for her given the fact that her mom had to give her away as a little child. I told her that I realized how lucky I was that I had my biological mom to raise me and to give me everything that she could at the time; even if there wasn’t  much affection towards the words I love you or hugging.Regardless of it all, I knew that she loved me anyway. After a minute or so, she burst out in tears and then said that it was true, she always loved me and always will.

Since then we’re inseparable and share amazing journeys of fun, laughter, tears and adventure. Today my mom is openly expressing her love to my daughter and me. Both share an amazing bond of love and affection. It is such an inspiring relationship of three women who are beautifully developing and loving each other, unconditionally.

mom and me


Conventional is a Good Fallback Position Isn’t It?

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Conventional lifestyle, living conservatively, same-same but different. Better than others. Right?

Conventional lifestyle on the one side offers security and stability and on the other limits you, your growth and living your full potential.

How do you live your life now? Conventional or Adventurous?

Something I experienced a while ago: “Ever wondered why we get challenged?

We get challenged with illnesses, breakups, career change, etc. These challenges are given to us to learn and grow. When we experience breakdowns, we’re forced to move and make necessary changes. We make the move into the unknown sooner or later. And after these breakdowns,no matter how long it takes, eventually we will experience breakthroughs!

Challenges are opportunities in disguise and it want us to move from our conventional lifestyles to more variety ones. Please do take a look back, way back and see how we evolved over time. It is human nature, an innate essence. We’re all part of the universe, part of evolution, and part of this change. By not making the choices ourselves, sooner or later the universe will send us challenges, whether we like them or not.

I choose a life of adventure, creativity, love, education and fun! 🙂