Me and my iPhone…

It’s been over two years and we are more connected than ever. Once he was taken away from me and I thought my life was over. It felt like a huge loss, almost like someone has died.

Can this feeling be real? After all, it is only a phone. What is wrong with me? Why do I love my phone so much? Well, I do and that is a fact.

I have accepted that my phone allows me access to the world and is my key to information. If I need anything, I know that within one second its there. If I need to go somewhere, my phone directs me. If I need access to personal details, my phone has it. If I need to access social media or any friend whatsoever, my phone manages. The limitless amounts of apps available make it even more accessible and exciting. Fact is my phone never disappoints me; he puts me to sleep and even wakes me up for that early appointment.

I’m part of today’s world and so are you. Living life with technology means living with evolution. Evolution means change. Change means I cannot hold onto it.  And living life without attachment is the greatest key to happiness.


Smart Phone Technology, What’s Next?

The future is smarter,  and now we are even more connected

Apps have effectively extended the usage of smartphones yet Apps do have their restrictions. Some operate in isolation, with a limited ability to link and connect. In the future we will see Apps working flawlessly together, providing a wealth of integrated experiences.

Already smartphone manufacturers are working on this integration process. BlackBerry offers an integrated inbox solution where messages and notices from all messaging, IM and social networking Apps are displayed in one inbox. Android users have more choice in terms of sharing content and can program the default App of their choice for sharing.

Apple’s latest ‘Passbook’ is a wallet-style feature for various barcode- scanning Apps (boarding passes, loyalty cards, vouchers etc.).

In the past we would have had several different Apps for each particular purpose, in Passbook we get a feel of how Apps commune in one location. Convenience I say!

Will This Day Matter In 5 Years?

No, this day will not matter in five years, absolutely not! Every time I experience the feeling of loss in my life, I force myself to believe this. Loss can be cruel, it breaks your heart and it can hurt like hell!

Loss, what does it mean? The dictionary defines loss as the fact or process of losing something or someone. According to Buddha, a human being experiences four kinds of suffering: old age, sickness, loss and death. When we experience any one of the four, it becomes very real and it is something we cannot ignore. We cannot go around these four…we have to experience or face it one day.

Last year I experienced sickness and lately only losses. Each time with a harder, tougher lesson to learn from our impermanent world. An interesting quote from Buddha: “Praise and blame, gain and loss, pleasure and sorrow come and go like the wind. To be happy, rest like a giant tree in the midst of them all. 

Yesterday after I lost my precious iphone and macbook, I sat down with a nice cup of coffee and ‘rested’ in what happened. Thoughts of disappointment, loss of beautiful memories and that aching pain of its-so-unfair made me burst into tears a few times. After I let it all out, I realized that despite of my losses and of what happened the last two years, I am still alive! I am still going, going strong and it could have been much worse. So with a smile I finished my (now cold) coffee, I asked that silly old question: “Will this day matter in five years?”….mmm….easy answer I guess 🙂


If You Chase Two Rabbits, You Will Lose Them Both

An old Native American quote: “If you chase two rabbits, you will lose them both.”

Focus on only one thing at a time. You cannot hunt and shoot two rabbits at the same time. Rabbits will run around purposely just to distract you from each other. A survival skill. If you go for one rabbit, the probability are greater. Focussing on one task, the chances are you will finish it quicker and get better results. 

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While researching on the topic, it dawned on me: I was one of those ‘hunters’ who multitasked! I thought I was a good multi-tasker, being a mom and all… I was wrong! No wonder I experienced stress and was still fighting a low immune…

It is impossible to do two things at the same time. The issue lies in the absorption of the actual task experience. When you do two things at once, your senses interfere with each other, creating a feeling of confusion and stress (adrenalin). Your body creates that same thing those rabbits did, as it is under the impression of flight or fight. Using this mode too often can lead to stress and other unpleasant conditions. At the end, you might have done your activity, but the experience itself will be less absorbed in your mind. And your life might feel like an exhaustion blur of unappreciation.

Why not try doing two things at once but separately by taking a 2 minute break in between. You will focus on that specific task until break time. Afterwards continue with the next task. You can repeat this until you’ve finished.  One thing to note is today’s technology creates convenience and there are many App’s we can use. Try the Reminder App , its easier to divide your priorities and allocate your time.

Multi-tasking is something from the past. It contributes to stress, a short life and unnecessary, unaffordable mistakes.

Not all who wander are lost….


Are you one of those who judge others who live life slightly different from what society tells us? Are you jealous someone else is living a life you are too scared to live? Can it be that you fear change…What keeps you from living your full potential?

We live in a competitive society and it drains us, stresses us and turns us all into nodding, winding puppets. We need to achieve, meet expectation, compete, succeed and collect as much money as possible, before we die… I say: stop!

Live your life now. One life, so get lost and wander. This is our chance now. Let’s create a new way of living and ditch the traditional, controlled lifestyle. Lets be original and true to ourselves, whatever it is. Your way is not my way, but living your truth is priceless.

Knowing all will be well, is the key to trusting yourself and the universe. I am living that now, finally! So join me, on a ‘lost’ journey of true happiness  and authenticity 🙂

Please try this wonderful App from Wander a great taste of what is out there!