Do You Ask Enough Questions?

Asking Enough Questions

I’m the kind of person who ask a lot of questions. Those who know me, say I’m both an introvert and an extrovert. It’s not important what kind of temperament I have, what’s important to me is to do that what I love and to live my passion.

I once read this article that you should listen 80% and only talk 20%. I loved the idea as sometimes I feel uncomfortable in conversations. The article explained how one can hold conversations by simply asking the right questions. Focussing on asking the right questions to hold a conversation so that I can manage the 20%, is a great challenge for any person’s mind and awareness. Knowing one has the power to hold conversations is empowering as well as releasing for the speaker and listener. One requires a special technique to do so and the key to asking the right questions: “to listen with an ear that hears behind the stories of the speaker. Meaning one listens to their listening”.

Only settling in for what I know will eventually make me a dull person. I try to avoid this as life is just too colorful and there is so much to explore! Asking enough questions connects me to the other person, to my environment and clears away confusion or misunderstandings.

So please do ask enough questions and question what you know. This will create new avenues for learning, meeting new friends and building networks, opening doors to exciting pathways and it’ll take your consciousness to new heights.