Cultivate Peace of Mind

peaceful buddha

During my travels in Thailand, I came across this wonderful article on cultivating a peaceful mind.

Its called: HAPPY ON THE GO! 

1. Set aside time for exercise to lower your stress. Make it short, everyday with one day rest per week.

2. Allow yourself time for your favorite activities and hobbies. Listening to music, watching movies, reading, shopping, playing, etc.

3. Have a balanced, nutritious diet. Add more fruit and vegetables and cut down on the bread.

4. Ensure you have enough sleep! Try this: Sleep without an alarm clock for a few nights, and see how many hours your body craves. Once you are clear on the amount of hours, use that amount of hours to sleep every night!

5. Avoid coffee and tea that contain caffeine. Or cut down to at least to 1 cup a day in the morning only. You will enjoy it so much!

6. Take an afternoon nap! 15 to 20 minutes is all you need. Or just relax and feel your body become one with the chair or sofa, focussing on each part of your relaxed body (start with your feet and move upwards)

7. Give your office or home a makeover. Clean out unnecessary things. Your bedroom is your sanctuary. Keep things organized and neat. Your mind will follow!

8. Switch off! Turn off your phones, your emails, etc. Just knowing you are unreachable, gives you peace of mind.

9. Avoid stressful activities, people, environment, etc until you are strong enough.

If you have any more ideas, please feel free to comment 🙂

Andy Warhol’s Quote on Being World Famous for 15 Minutes!

Andy Warhol

‘In the future, everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes.’  So you can’t choose the 15 minutes but why would you be world famous?

One of the most important artists of Pop Art today, Andy Warhol. You can remember him for his paintings of Campbell’s soup cans and he also created hundreds of other works including commercial advertisements and films. If each one of us are famous at some stage in the future, it makes sense to prepare ourselves on the topic. Lets briefly take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of being famous:

The greatest advantage of being famous is all that fame and fortune!

We get to live in huge mansions with our sexy partners and we have butlers and body guards…and cooks! We spend our holidays in expensive resorts and yachts, wear designer labels and drive fancy cars. Doors open for us everywhere and we get all the attention. Our voices are easily heard and we can make a huge change in the world.

Ok, so being in the spotlight means no privacy and you can risk your own safety. Another disadvantage is loneliness and anxiety from all the attention and possibilities. You might be faced with some crazy fan addict or an obsessive stalker. Trust and honesty become something from the past and you start to question your real friends or are they just fans who’s riding your wave of fame? 

When it is your turn to be famous, I say step out under that spotlight and give it your best shot. Life is all about risks and taking on challenges. Go on, make that special entrance and be the world’s famous star….and do it for you!

*Please add your own advantages and disadvantages in the comment boxes 😉 

My Top 200 Achievements

My understanding on the subject achievement: a thing done successfully, typically by effort, courage, or skill. 

When my teacher instructed this ‘impossible task’, I froze and procrastinated until I finally sat down and wrote my story as brief ‘possible’:

  1. Born as a human being 
  2. Had my first boyfriend at the age of 6: Superman!
  3. Became a member of the local library and read all the books in the kids section by the age of 11!  (10 points)
  4.  Tried flying in the air and broke my arm at 8 years old. 
  5. Had my first crush on a teacher….I won’t say who he was 🙂 
  6. Became a beautiful woman at the age of ….not saying 🙂 
  7. Hated high school with a passion for 5 years!  (10 points)
  8. Learned to drive at the age of 14  (10 points)
  9. Tried rollerblades, fell 100 a times and still loved it!
  10. Read all the teenage books in the library by the time I was 17!  (10 points)
  11. Fell in a stormy river while I thought I was flying between the trees! 
  12. Married my soul mate  (10 points) and then divorced him 😦
  13. Survived a small plane crash in 2004  (10 points)
  14. Studied at University of Stellenbosch and Cape Peninsula University of Technology 
  15. Learned German and a little French  (10 points)
  16. Fell in love…again…again..and again..etc 🙂 
  17. Got my first car out of the box and sold my first business in my late 20’s!
  18. Lived in London for a year!
  19. Meditated in Spain under the hot sun and became a Buddhist
  20. Received blessing to start Buddhist centre in Africa ( (10 points)
  21. Learned with ‘Osho’ in Puna, India
  22. Studied life coaching for a year!
  23. Watched Avatar 30 times and Matrix 20 times! I am undeniably and unconditionally in love with the Twilight series and Vampire Dairies!  (20 points)
  24. Backpacked Thailand alone and did 39 zipline flights, the longest one was 800m in Chiang Mai!  (10 points)
  25. Jumped off a cliff in Goa with a paraglider 
  26. Learned forgiveness, how to let go and how to love myself unconditionally 
  27. Travelled the world!  (20 points)
  28. Had 22 flights within 2 months and flew over the Northern Pole!  (10 points)
  29. Met the best girlfriends and friends around the world  (10 points)
  30. Had a baby daughter who is the love of my life (50 points) 
So that’s it for now: 200 Top Achievements in this life!
What do I now? Of course, I look very much forward to doubling it by the time I reach 50! 😉

What Motivates Me


What motivates me is gratitude. I am grateful for being alive and living in a time where the world is still a good place. Living in a world where there is still hope and I have a voice to speak up and share my opinion.


Ever since I can remember, I was questioning my very being. Who am I? What is my life purpose? Why do I have to die and where do I go? My list was endless…

After many personal development courses, spiritual practices, readings, experiences and traveling I could answer most of my questions. I got to understand my true nature and my true potential. Upon this realization, an immense feeling of gratitude swept over me. This gratitude is growing stronger as I breath into each day and night.

I am grateful to be part of a Rainbow Nation where I have the possibilities and conditions to live a happy life filled with challenges and growth. I am the driver of my life and I have the power to decide where I want to go and what I want to do. Knowing I have this power, is my motivating key in life 😉
A quote from a smiling stranger: “In our lives, may we come to realize that it is not being happy that makes us grateful, but that it is being grateful that makes us happy!”

Blue Rock!

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Before you read this, please know that I am not marketing any concept or activity. I am merely sharing something that is very precious to me and I believe everyone should know about this gem of a place 😉

Imagine a place where you can be a child again, screaming from the top of your voice out of pure happiness! A place where you can be one with nature and do all sorts of fun stuff whilst experiencing inner freedom of how life supposed to be. That inner freedom that is most of the time covered and blocked with the many responsibilities that are ruling our very being, our very happiness.

A place created just for you and me to enjoy and to come out to play. A place where we can find ourselves again and let go of this competing, stiff reality. That place exists and is called Blue Rock!

Blue Rock is the only lake in Cape Town with crystal clear water and a depth of 60m. In summer the water temperatures go up to 26°C and in winter around 18°C . Situated on the beautiful slopes of the Helderberg Mountains in Sir Lowry’s Pass with views that overlook Strand, Gordon’s Bay, False Bay and even the backside of Table Mountain. This lake offers many activities for each and every one of us. They use an overhead cable system with an electronic motor which pulls skiers around the lake. These activities are endless on the cable system from waterskiing, to knee-boarding, to wake-boarding, etc. There are obstacles on the ski courses consisting of all sorts of kickers, sliders, rooftops, etc. Fridays there is night skiing dependent on the weather of course. Even surfing and barefoot skiing have been seen before! It offers excellent training for kite boarders, especially when there is no wind 🙂

Don’t worry about equipment, they have everything for rent! Even life jackets are complementary. The only requirement is that you can swim 🙂

It gets even better, Blue Rock has a fully licensed restaurant with top quality, tasty dishes and the best pizzas ever! Please do try their Asian Noodle Chicken Salad, it is the best ever especially after a few hours of skiing you get these enormous hunger pangs. Kids can enjoy the fun playground including the trampoline and yes, they do have volleyball facilities too. Oh, before I forget, did I mention they have cliff jumping starting from a few metres to lots and lots more. They even have a beach! Yes, a sandy beach where you can swim and paddle endlessly away. Feel free to bring your picnic baskets and spread out your blanket in the picnic areas. To all the moms, this is the perfect place to have your child’s birthday. It’s simply effortless, safe and amazing!

Other activities include a Fufi-slide that takes you on a 400m adrenalin ride from the top of the cliff into the lake. They have an Endure Motocross track featuring various obstacles, hill climbs, marshy river trails, etc. Diving into the deepest part offers extra fun with a variety of scuba courses at hand. And for those anger management crowd: Paintball is the one for you! To protect each and everyone Blue Rock has its own rules and regulations. So please respect, abide and know it is for your safety.

Yes, I told you Blue Rock is a gem and everyone should know about it. Go on, spread the word! An entrance fee of R30 gets you in. Come on, pack up the kids and make the effort now to experience this amazing phenomenon called Blue Rock 😉

Check their website for more details: