What Is My Relationship To Life?

My relationship to life is to live life to the fullest and collect as many positive impressions in my mind and heart. I try to achieve this by learning and sharing from past mistakes, from present challenges and opportunities. I associate my life with developing compassion, expanding knowledge and deepening my spirituality. Being alive in today’s world, my relationship to life embrace flexibility, technology, surprises, adventure and love.

Occasionally my actions conflict with my relationship to life. This is then the exact moment when I become unbalanced and unhappy. Normally just writing in my journal supports me with clarity and the right plan of action.

For example, I’m invited to a party but I know if I go, I won’t get time to reach my report deadlines. These reports can support me with a flexible life one day. However that one-day is still far away in the future and the party is so close in the present. So the obvious thing to do is to go the party, right? I decide to go, have loads of fun but the next day stress arrives on my doorstep, maybe with a hangover and even some guilt…

Lesson learned: even if I reach my deadlines hastily, not putting my needs first in accordance to my relationship to life was in fact, a wrong move. Damn! 😉


Alexander the Great

Alexander The Great by Kirsi Salonen

……….On his death bed, Alexander summoned his generals and told them his 3 final wishes:

1. The best doctors should carry his coffin

2. The wealth he has accumulated (money, gold, precious stones…) should be scattered along the procession to the cemetery, and

3. His hands should be let loose, hanging outside the coffin for all to see!!

One of his generals, surprised by these unusual requests asked Alexander to explain.

Here is what Alexander the Great had to say:

I want the best doctors to carry my coffin to demonstrate that, in the face of death, even the best doctors in the world have no power to heal…

I want the road to be covered with my treasure so that everybody sees that material wealth acquired on earth, stays on earth…

I want my hands to swing in the wind, so that people understand that we come to this world empty-handed and we leave this world empty-handed after the most precious treasure of all is exhausted, and that is TIME.

The lesson for life:

We do not take to our grave any material wealth, although our good deeds can be our travelers’ cheques.

TIME is our most precious treasure because it is LIMITED.

We can produce more wealth, but we cannot produce more TIME.

When we give someone our TIME, we actually give a portion of our life that we will never take back.

Our TIME is our life!

The best present we can give others and ourselves is TIME.

May we have plenty of TIME and may we all have the wisdom to give it away and LIVE until our TIME has come.


Do You Celebrate The Things You Do Have?


I find that being in a state of gratefulness allows me to really put things into perspective: I may not have everything I want but I always have everything I need.

Often life throws me ‘gratefulness’ reminders, especially when things are not going as planned. That is the time to celebrate who I am, what I am and what I have. When I feel like complaining, it’s the perfect opportunity to realize that despite my present misery, I do have a good life and that I am lucky to be born when, where and to whom.

Of course there are times I’m unaware, but that is what makes me human. Sometimes its okay to complain and just be. As long as I am aware of the big picture and of my innate being which expresses a constant, subtle and general happiness.

When we chase happiness it tends to fly away like a butterfly, moving further away each time we grab for it. When we recognize gratitude and celebrate a realistic reality of it, we’ll find happiness landing directly on our shoulders  J



My Favourite Cat in the Hat book is ……

Cat in the Hat

My lecturer requested we wrote about Dr Suess”s Cat in the Hat books. I didn’t have these books as a kid and after I read about it on the internet, I’m looking forward to experience this funny character and his stories with my little girl. As a mom of a very busy toddler who unpacks just about everything, teaching her not to leave a mess is exactly how Dr Seuss’s Cat will help!!

“The Cat in the Hat dates back to 1957  and features a very cheerful, exotic and high-spirited Cat who brings chaos to the household of a brother and a sister. The Cat performs all sorts of crazy tricks to entertain the children, all coming from his hat and with mix results of course! He got this box and out jumps two strange creatures: Thing One and Thing Two. These two start flying kites in the house while the children’s pets , a sapient and articulate fish dislike the Cat. The children, Sally and her unnamed older brother who is also the narrator, capture the Things and bring the Cat under control. The Cat cleans up and disappears in a second before their mother arrives. When their mother asked what they were up to while she was away, the story ends right there with this question, leaving the reader to think: What would you do if your mother asked you?”

The Cat in the Hat made a return appearance in the 1958 sequel and finish with little rhyming cats, designed to teach the reader the alphabet. Today you’ll find the Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library, a series of books for early development and the movie, The Cat in the Hat with Dakota Fanning playing Sally.