I Am….

Inspired by my friend, Cheryse Gouws, a beautiful, bubbly, spiritual woman of light and color...”To be alive as a human being today is a real blessing. We’re blessed with so many possibilities and our lives here on Earth are very precious. But before we go out there and live a happy, fulfilling life, we need to first understand ourselves and to answer a very important question: ‘Who am I?’ 

source* Terry Lamb

I AM………

I AM Love, I AM Supported and Protected, I AM unlimited Strength and Energy, I AM Strong and Powerful, I AM Empowered,

I AM Buoyant and Alert Energy, I AM Perfect Health, I AM Eternal Youth and Beauty, I AM Vitality, I AM Faith, I AM at Peace in the Light of God that never fails,

I AM Intelligence and Wisdom, I AM Illumined,I AM Shining like the Sun,I AM Lightness, I AM Divine Love, I AM Loved and Adored,

 I AM Sweet and Lovable, I AM Affectionate, I AM Gentle, I AM Happy and filled with Joy, I AM Tolerance and Humbleness, I AM Peace and Harmony,

I AM Purity and Perfection,  I AM the Consecration and Concentration of my life, I AM Balanced, I AM Disciplined and Constant,

I AM organized and responsible,I AM Wealth and Abundance, I AM Opulence, I AM the Freedom of my Boundless supply of money,

I AM the Boundless supply of ALL Good things, I AM Blessed, I AM Thank full and Grateful, I AM Serving, I AM Successful, I AM Victorious,

I AM the only Commanding Presence here, 

 ‘I Am’ the full manifestation of this.  Yes, that is who I am. I am…Free! 

I recommend that you print this out, read it out loud daily and become that who you really are! I am!



Blue Rock!

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Before you read this, please know that I am not marketing any concept or activity. I am merely sharing something that is very precious to me and I believe everyone should know about this gem of a place 😉

Imagine a place where you can be a child again, screaming from the top of your voice out of pure happiness! A place where you can be one with nature and do all sorts of fun stuff whilst experiencing inner freedom of how life supposed to be. That inner freedom that is most of the time covered and blocked with the many responsibilities that are ruling our very being, our very happiness.

A place created just for you and me to enjoy and to come out to play. A place where we can find ourselves again and let go of this competing, stiff reality. That place exists and is called Blue Rock!

Blue Rock is the only lake in Cape Town with crystal clear water and a depth of 60m. In summer the water temperatures go up to 26°C and in winter around 18°C . Situated on the beautiful slopes of the Helderberg Mountains in Sir Lowry’s Pass with views that overlook Strand, Gordon’s Bay, False Bay and even the backside of Table Mountain. This lake offers many activities for each and every one of us. They use an overhead cable system with an electronic motor which pulls skiers around the lake. These activities are endless on the cable system from waterskiing, to knee-boarding, to wake-boarding, etc. There are obstacles on the ski courses consisting of all sorts of kickers, sliders, rooftops, etc. Fridays there is night skiing dependent on the weather of course. Even surfing and barefoot skiing have been seen before! It offers excellent training for kite boarders, especially when there is no wind 🙂

Don’t worry about equipment, they have everything for rent! Even life jackets are complementary. The only requirement is that you can swim 🙂

It gets even better, Blue Rock has a fully licensed restaurant with top quality, tasty dishes and the best pizzas ever! Please do try their Asian Noodle Chicken Salad, it is the best ever especially after a few hours of skiing you get these enormous hunger pangs. Kids can enjoy the fun playground including the trampoline and yes, they do have volleyball facilities too. Oh, before I forget, did I mention they have cliff jumping starting from a few metres to lots and lots more. They even have a beach! Yes, a sandy beach where you can swim and paddle endlessly away. Feel free to bring your picnic baskets and spread out your blanket in the picnic areas. To all the moms, this is the perfect place to have your child’s birthday. It’s simply effortless, safe and amazing!

Other activities include a Fufi-slide that takes you on a 400m adrenalin ride from the top of the cliff into the lake. They have an Endure Motocross track featuring various obstacles, hill climbs, marshy river trails, etc. Diving into the deepest part offers extra fun with a variety of scuba courses at hand. And for those anger management crowd: Paintball is the one for you! To protect each and everyone Blue Rock has its own rules and regulations. So please respect, abide and know it is for your safety.

Yes, I told you Blue Rock is a gem and everyone should know about it. Go on, spread the word! An entrance fee of R30 gets you in. Come on, pack up the kids and make the effort now to experience this amazing phenomenon called Blue Rock 😉

Check their website for more details: www.bluerock.co.za

Feelings Follow Behaviour

What kind of life do you want..? You have this choice, everyone does. No matter how rich or poor, we all have this choice.
When we were babies our parents/surrogates nurtured and loved us and this was the birth of our emotions. Growing up as fearless toddlers expressing ourselves freely and publicly. We were told to behave in certain ways, and sometimes even slapped or scolded if we disobeyed. We learned our parents/surrogates’ emotional patterns, whether positive or negative and made our way into this world: ‘beautifully conditioned by our parents.’
We should understand that our parents/surrogates taught us what they knew and showed us their own conditioned experiences. They did not know better and continued these inherited patterns subconsciously. Whether we told ourselves we will be like thembetter than them or completely different to them, the truth is these learned emotional behaviours control us like windup wooden dolls. Unless we learn our own new emotional behavioural patterns, we will never be free.
How do we learn new behaviour?
By understanding these old behavioural patterns we then have the awareness of how to get rid of them. Once we are rid of them, we can then learn new ones by creating new behavioural patterns. Emotions and feelings follow behaviour which follow results.
Check out what life you want to live, create that life by being conscious and aware of your behaviour and in touch with your own feelings and emotions. You can attend courses that deal with these kind of issues such as the Hoffman Process that I highly recommend and completed myself: www.hoffmanprocess.co.uk

Not all who wander are lost….


Are you one of those who judge others who live life slightly different from what society tells us? Are you jealous someone else is living a life you are too scared to live? Can it be that you fear change…What keeps you from living your full potential?

We live in a competitive society and it drains us, stresses us and turns us all into nodding, winding puppets. We need to achieve, meet expectation, compete, succeed and collect as much money as possible, before we die… I say: stop!

Live your life now. One life, so get lost and wander. This is our chance now. Let’s create a new way of living and ditch the traditional, controlled lifestyle. Lets be original and true to ourselves, whatever it is. Your way is not my way, but living your truth is priceless.

Knowing all will be well, is the key to trusting yourself and the universe. I am living that now, finally! So join me, on a ‘lost’ journey of true happiness  and authenticity 🙂

Please try this wonderful App from Wander http://wanderwith.us/- a great taste of what is out there!

Why Traveling is a Must!

source* hmenterprises.co.in

Traveling has many benefits and I’m sure we all know that. Are you familiar with the phrase: ‘‘The tunnel view on life, normally seen and experienced in our so-called suburbs?’’ Anyway, we conclude with the answer to this question.

Traveling offers a broad scope and view on life and its experiences. You meet amazing people and travellers on the way, expand your knowledge on various cultures and gain new perspectives on the lives of many. Exploring spectacular architecture and magnificent geographical formations with pure adrenalin adventures of all sorts and snorkeling in the wide open seas are all added bonuses.


You’ll learn native languages as you learn the niche of bargaining when buying creative arts and crafts from enthusiastic locals while you simultaneously experience immense gratitude for the comfort and safety of your own country. Traveling guarantees a stress-free experience, unless you’re the anxious type that wants everything to go your way. Traveling will knock you off your feet and teach you real life lessons. Not to mention when your stuff gets stolen or you are left with nothing but your clothes on. Yes, life lessons are part of traveling you should acknowledge and be prepared for.

Traveling offers more than just a collection of beautiful impressions and experiences. It completes you. It offers closure. It can map out your life and your future. It liberates you and your inner being. The secret to an amazing, fulfilling trip is to trust yourself and to let go of any expectations, whatsoever. To be in the moment and to allow your travels to sweep you off your feet.


Or do you want to end up like those ‘tunnel view’ folks in the suburbs, with their perfect homes surrounded by white picket fences and double garages who only see themselves as perfect and everyone else as failures? The choice is yours. Go on, book that flight and set your mind free, before it’s too late!

We Are Afraid of the Wrong Things


Are we afraid of the wrong things and why? Were we once told that if we did wrong, our fingers will burn off and we will go to hell or that we will not succeed? Before answering these questions, it seems obvious to understand where it originates: the root.

When we were ‘fearless’ babies our parents naturally protected and loved us. Our parents guided and controlled our every move. Our parents taught us what they knew from right or wrong, meaning their opinions from their own life experiences. During our growing years, we developed a child conditioning and conditioned by our parents. Child conditioning is a natural phenomena and protection for ourselves, and is followed by our own little inner voice: unique, strong and sometimes defensive. Powered daily by guilt and judgement with a purpose: to control our very being.

Today as modern adults, we live more complexed lives with larger responsibilities surrounded by our high-tech devices eventually leading our own opinions and creating our own life experiences. Generally a life better than our parents or just plain the opposite. The result: fear of wrong and attached to right, accompanied by either fear of failure or attached to happiness. Leading to a life of longterm suffering…..

We can avoid the fear and detach ourselves from the known and the unknown. We can decide to own our little voice, cut the roots of our childhood conditioning and eventually take back our power.

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And how do we do that? By taking the stand to own your voice. Own your inner voice and tell it how you want to live, how you want to choose your decisions, that you want happiness instead of fear and eventually detaching yourself from the outcome of your decisions.

Find out what is right for you. Get to know yourself, who you really are and use various methods to help and support you. The world is an amazing place to explore and it will support you on your journey of self discovery and eventually enlightenment.

If you believe in yourself, stand your ground and walk your talk, then answer this question: ”How can I be afraid of the wrong things, when I know what wrong means to me?”