Angelic ethereal healing energyTo whom-so-ever’s soul may desire freedom: I met a stunning divine being shining through her shrouds, no word can suffice to express the ray-she embodies, other than this story that comes to the lips of my soul: “Once I saw a girl who was trying to get an apple from a tree. She jumped, but could not reach. Then she jumped again. I asked her, “Do you want me to get you a ladder?” She said, “No!” and continued jumping to the fruit. Then I asked her again, ‘May I bend down that you may climb on my back to reach the branch?’ She instantly refused again. Finally she stopped, looked at the apple and then sat down. I went close to inquire if she was disappointed and had given up. She said, ‘Shhhhhhh!’, closed her eyes and then she was no-more. In between her silence, she said, “I am growing from within. Yes, I will grow from within so that not only this apple, but also all the apples ahead of me I can reach”. Now this is what I call a Spiritual Answer of the soul. Clivia carried this energy-of-growth and change, I spotted when we met the very first time. Besides the various challenges of her past, she always had this determination to grow and evolve. And I am one guy, you do not meet for rejuvenation. They call me ‘Game-Over Singh’ and only souls that are seeking to free themselves from Mind-Automation reach me. And she was one such seeker, enthusiastic and driven by her calling. She intuitively choses topics and we teamed to break her conditioning patterns till this very day. She has come a long way. Her spiritual strength and Light, is what leads her. I wish her only the best, because I know whatever she touches comes from the heart of her soul, and turns into gold. For Gold she is.  May God Speed You – Love and Light To All, RanVir Singh, Karma Dhundup, Spiritual Healer – New Delhi, India

“I have been friends with Clivia Vogel since 2002. The amazing thing about our friendship is that there is a 19 year age gap. The beautiful thing is that Clivia never looks at me as being so much older than her. Most times I feel younger than her, because she can be very motherly, always giving advice. I have learnt so much from her over the years and have tried to apply it to my own life. Anyone who comes into Clivia’s circle is embraced with love, she never judges or criticizes…She always sees the good in everyone and if there’s nothing good she will find something good! And she never stops dreaming….I love her to bits!!!” Delena Fredericks, Cape Town, South Africa

“Clivia´s spirit and energy are uplifting beyond words, they simply make you want to stay and bathe in it. Her interest in spiritual growth is vast and her genuine love towards people makes you feel welcome, warm and at home – from the very first encounter! ” Dr Till Noethel, Spiritual Business Coaching – Hamburg, Germany

‘I had a big decision to make and was seeking advice on what path I should follow. Clivia guided me to look deeper than simple logic, she got me in touch with my soul and made me realise that the answers I sought were with me all the time’  Paul Paarman, Soul Garden Landscaper, Cape Town, South Africa

I met Clivia on the Hoffman Process UK retreat, and I experienced her presence as very positive and calm. I generally find it quite difficult to socialise but Clivia has such a kind, caring aura which made me feel instantly comfortable. Her strength and resolve she showed on the Process was a credit to her and an inspiration to myself. She made a tremendous impact on my being by instilling confidence in me, helping to propel me forwards. Clivia is a true asset to everyone’s wellbeing and emotional growth. Jo Sennett – Marketing & Communications Manager The Hoffman Institute

“I was lucky to meet Clivia Vogel and her family on the Learning Love workshop in Bali 2012. Clivia is a warm, strong, honest and beautiful woman with a lot of energy and inspiration. Clivia is a person that you feel you have known for all your life. For me it felt like meeting a sister!” Anna Moore, Moore To Be – Stockholm, Sweden