Ten Most Unexpected Consequences of Being Online.

source: digitaltrends.com

Connecting to the internet means we enter another universe with its own unique laws. A universe where we can speak up and let our voices be heard, feel some kind of equality and experience freedom.

Unfortunately, it is also a universe where people have the added anonymity leading to an environment of abuse and addiction. The internet in a whole is a place where cause and effect (karma) happen. I call it consequence:  a result or an effect that naturally or logically follows that action.

I have made a list of ten unexpected consequences of being online. I chose negative consequences to make you aware of the powerful impact these unexpected consequences can have on our daily lives.

1.Online Social Networking:  Can potentially damage your online reputation and gives offline trouble for users (home burglaries – thieves monitor your daily patterns). Prospect employers can check your character online.

2. Online Gaming: These have anti-social consequences, violence – and physical- and personal development consequences.

3. Online Piracy: Software piracy is stealing. In addition to legal consequences, you could be exposed to viruses, corrupt disk or defective software, no warranties, lack of technical support and eligibility for software upgrades. Copyright infringements are punishable by up to 5 years in prison or $250 000 in fines.

4. Online Victimization: Exposure of being a victim for unwanted sexual material, harassment and sexual solicitation.

5. Online Shopping (B2C – business to consumer):  It’s convenient but risky. There is fraud and security concerns, lack of full cost disclosure, privacy concerns and lack of  hands on inspection. Online shopping can bring you in financial problems and debts. It is addictive to an extend where you anti-socialize and become frustrated, angry and filled with resentment and envy.

6. Online Bullying :  Students or teenagers who are bullied experience headaches, colds and other physical illnesses, as well as psychological problems. They are often silent and their social behavior change dramatically.

7. Online Racism: One becomes filled with hatred of the subjected race, which could lead to discrimination, segregation and hate crimes. And the one attacked, experiences a lot of suffering and pain from online racism.

8. Online Identity Theft: Identity thieves typically obtain and exploit personally identifiable information about individuals. They use various credentials to authenticate themselves and to impersonate them.

9. Online Dating:  The risks of meeting dishonest partners can leave you broken-hearted. You can become frustrated if the site is not functioning properly or you can realize too late that the insufficient amount of members after registration with your credit card. You can become addicted and anti-social.

10. Online Risk Taking: You’re exposed to various kinds of abuse such as violence, sexual – and substance abuse. Teenagers are at risk of an adult-orientated behaviour. Displaying risky behaviour publicly may also negatively impact on future opportunities for employment or university admissions for example.

A Wedding Cake in the Middle of the Road!


Someone made a mistake and it could be that she’ll regret it for the rest of her life. What to do…run away and disappear….a definite no go…and there is no time! Someone realised it was too late and her life is in fact, over. What about the wedding…what about the people…what about the parents-in-law! Oh my hat, what about the cake…what have I done!

It is sad when you throw away food. We live in a world where poverty prevails and food scarcity is one of our biggest problems, with over 40 countries struggling worldwide. Is there anything that we can do to help? We can support Malawi’s farmers to obtain fertiliser and high-yield seeds, whose harvest doubled after only one year. The U.S. and Europe should abandon their policies of subsidising food conversion into biofuels. And lastly to weatherproof the world’s crops as soon and as effectively as possible such as a rainwater reservoir like a simple pond to support crops. These are just examples from Africa, but do check your local communities what you can do.

Ok, back to the wedding cake…Sometimes we make choices to please others. We subconsciously do so to feel loved and appreciation. When we finally ‘wake up’ to the mess we’ve made, it is often too late. We feel stuck with our choices to please and we turn into these sour-little-tunnel-view-citizens.

Why do we put ourselves last to please others, only to disappoint the most important person in the world…you!

Truth is, as humans we can only make decisions out of experience or out of somebody else’s experience (advice). Allowing ourselves to have any kind of experience creates the necessary wisdom and information that eventually leads to our decisions in life. Makes sense? 😉

The Sound of One Hand Clapping

The sound of one hand clapping is the same as the sound of two hands clapping!

The concept of clapping means that when two surfaces come into contact with one another it creates a sound. This can happen even if only one surface is moving. When there is no movement, there is no contact and there is no sound. One hand can make such a movement.

But what does this all means? It means that everything’s connected in some way or another. Everything is in relationship to everything else, interdependent. If the one change, the other one will experience change too. If only one hand moves towards a motionless hand, a clapping sound will be produced. And there will be an applause of some kind!

Should we want change in our lives, we don’t have to wait for something to happen. We don’t have to wait for that perfect someone to turn us into princes and princesses and we certainly don’t have to wait for any object or place to give us that perfect life or feeling.

We can and will experience results if we move or act in a certain way and change will happen. If you want positive change, you will experience positive results and vice versa (karma). There are no excuses and definitely something to think about 😉

”Be the change you want to see in your life” Mahatma Ghandi 

Fish Falling from the Sky

source* fineartphotoblog.com

A fish falling from the sky is a magical thing. An absolute miraculous occasion. But how often does this happen? Is it even possible? There is this saying: ”There is plenty of fishes in the sea.” Plenty for everyone which makes me think of love and I think astrology, the star sign Pisces.

I am a communicative, humorous and airy Gemini who often attracts the slippery, romantic Piscean who loves’ swimming’ away to sort out their life issues and need consistent affirmation on how wonderful they are. Give them their space, and they enthusiastically return with an energy Gemini’s simply can’t resist. This leads me to my next question: ‘‘Are Gemini’s and Pisceans the perfect match?’’
source* fc07.deviantart.net

According to the astrology compatibility scale, the passion quotient is high between Gemini’s and Pisceans, and so are the conflicts. Emotional, sensitive Piscean is too easily hurt by thoughtless, playful Gemini. Each practices deception in his or her own way: Gemini dissembles, Piscean won’t deal with reality. They are in fact, extreme opposites.

Gemini’s and Pisceans are a perfect match! So opposites do attract just like Yin & Yang, hot and cold, right and left, boy and girl….makes sense. And what does my story have to do with a fish falling from the sky? I leave it up to your imagination 🙂


source* tmag.ir

Three letters with a lot of meaning and it affects every human being on this planet. What comes up for you when you say the word, ‘cry’? Do you feel sad, happy, relieved or do you feel nothing?

According to Wikipedia, crying can be defined as a complex secretomotor phenomenon characterized by the shedding of tears from the lacrimal apparatus, without any irritation of the ocular structures.

source* iconarchive.com

The way I see it, crying is all about expressing oneself and letting go. It is proven the act of crying allows oneself to touch base with one’s emotions and its the body’s natural response to one’s emotions. It unblocks emotional congestion to flow freely into a new dimension of joy and forgiveness. It allows one to see life with a new, fresh approach and creates opportunities for growth, love and lightness.

Why don’t we advertise crying and its benefits? Why do people turn their cheeks when they see someone crying in public? Babies cry freely, why can’t we? Why do we cry in our homes, in our bedrooms where no one can see us? Why don’t restaurants cater for crying evenings and cinema’s have crying nights instead of ladies nights? Why don’t politicians take part in crying assemblies instead of arguing or fighting with each other? Sounds amazing doesn’t it? What happened?

Somewhere down the line, we were all brainwashed that crying is for babies. Point is one should not feel embarrass to weep it all out. It will not make us weak or turn us into ‘chicken’. With crying comes profound results, great power. After all, it is part of being human, part of you and part of me. Cry…

If I were the boss

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I would choose a company that delivers the most profound product or service. I will be the boss of the universe. The boss who is in charge everywhere and who delivers to all. Sounds unrealistic and too good?

The first thing I would do is to fire everyone and everything that contributed to this messed up planet. I would transfer them to somewhere else, another department. On earth they call it hell, but I call it the moon. At least we can keep an eye on them.


The next thing is to send a universal message of abundant love across the planet. If we all love ourselves and only one person next to us, everyone will experience love. Happiness will reign and people will start thinking if I want happiness, so does everyone else. Nobody wants pain, suffering and loss. No more crime, no more corruption and no more fear. People will start to communicate and there will be freedom of speech.


Together with my main employees, we will take on this universal campaign of Abundant Love. In short, a unity and balance celebration will fill each individual’s lives and there will be enough for everyone. I will teach everyone how to let go of their attachment to life and possessions through various techniques such as generosity, communication and wisdom. I will show them how to tap into their innate, absolute power through meditation in order for everyone to get access to everything and what lies beyond.

Then we’ll deal with the greedy ones. We’ll take the monetary system away and will exchange our natural skills & resources with each other. We will build green, international communities where everyone will live peacefully in a sustainable, oasis of technology and information. And the old cities? We will recycle them and over time, they will disappear. We will teach our children the meaning of life by using these cities as examples of the impermanence and the greedy man: once ruled and now gone. We will unite, open borders and be part of a universal nation. We will call this nation the universal citizen.


If I were the boss, my focus and motivation will be protection, unification and equilibrium on our precious, intelligent planet for many more generations to come and live happily ever after.