If Presented With the Opportunity to Get a Message to a Large Audience, What Would Your Message Be?


My message would have to be linked to something I think is plausible and relevant for any person, regardless of country, gender, education or age: Love

Most of us experienced this universal warmth and love. As little babies we survived on love. Our birth brought our families together and it is our families who gave us that what we needed. They stood by us while we developed into the persons we are today.

We should focus on igniting that innate feeling of love and then bring it to settle within our hearts. Once its settled, we should realize that regardless of circumstance, we have the ability to feel love within. We should then focus on expanding that love from within ourselves, out to everyone and everything until we all become one. A big bundle of life and love!! Live life and expand love.Live an inspired life of love. Live…

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Will Power

Will Power WILL POWER – The ability to restrain impulses that tempt us to choose immediate gratification over longer-term goals.

“My emotional wellbeing is compromised when I loose self-control and willpower, destroying my well-earned longterm goals and my personal boundaries.”

Self-control, self-discipline and will power all hold positive outcomes, resulting in dreams coming true!

It is said that our problems in life occur from a lack of willpower. The good news is that will power can be learned and strengthened by practicing, by re-shaping and understanding your current state of mind. Try this:

Take one step, one goal 

  • Do one goal at a time and set achievable, smaller goals.
  1. Power of mental Imaginary
  • Imagination goes together with emotion.
  • Close your eyes, imagine achieving a specific goal, now place all your emotion in that picture and hold it as long as possible.
  • Do this daily and you’ll see results 🙂
  1. Analyse yourself
  • A reminder to yourself why you want to change, and achieve.
  • It creates a full acknowledgment in your mind.
  • Why do I lack motivation? Answer as many as you can.
  • Create the advantages and disadvantages of the situation.
  • List the emotional and physical benefits.
  • List the drawbacks.
  • What holds the significance?
  1. Attitude
  • Try pushing yourself out of comfort zone, at least 20%. For example: “I know I can run for 15 minutes without stopping, so I can push myself for 20 minutes without stopping”
  • Change your attitude towards your goals and create self-discipline.
  • My self-control depends strongly on how I go about my decisions.
  • Time management and being in a routine can support you.
  1. Environment
  • Change and adapt your environment to support your goals. For example: create a zen like environment in your bedroom if you want to meditate, de-stress or relax more in your life. You don’t need to go to a spa or a centre, change can happens at home.
  • Join support networks and social groups with similar dreams, visions, goals, etc.
  1. Nutrition
  • Enjoy a consistent healthy lifestyle, with good nutrition and regular exercise.
  • Love your body and your perfect imperfections.
  • Try a detox for only 3 days: fruits and veggies with lots of herbal teas and water should do it. Try juicing.
  1. Power Within
  • It is really up to you. You are the creator of your life.
  • You manifest that what you think, do and say. Watch your thoughts, words and see how you can improve and create from there.
  • You are responsible for your own happiness, your health, you life.
  • Stop complaining, stop procrastinating and stop being miserable. Your willpower is all it takes, so get up and start your life now 😉




Being Mindful…



A few weeks ago I experienced a lot of busy-ness as I was preparing for my finals and sorting out my little daughter. My mind was full of calculations, strategies, assessments, thesis and reports. I had to make a change, and found this wonderful information that supported me:

  1. Stop multi-tasking: when you eat, you eat. When you walk, you walk.
  2. Take your time: make your actions deliberate
  3. Do less by prioritizing: it is all a matter of what is important and letting go of what is not.
  4. Plan your schedule and leave enough space between tasks: it takes away stress and gives you a break.
  5. Sit in silence: only 5 minutes of silence and breathing will do you, your thoughts and your body very good.
  6. Focus on the present: stop worrying about the future, or outcomes. Let it go and focus on what you do now.
  7. Be present:

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Thank you Lama Ole Nydahl!

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“Returning after 36 years, Lama Ole rediscovers the continent he visited in 1978, at that time sent by the 16th Karmapa, His Holiness Gyalwa Karmapa, Rangjung Rigpe Dorje who was the spiritual leader of the Karma Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. The South African tour included public talks, the inaugurations of the Diamond Way Buddhist centres in Johannesburg and Cape Town and various sightseeing trips in and around the cities. Lama Ole’s visit marks a new era in Diamond Way Buddhism and gives an impulse to the flourishing dharma activity right here in South Africa!” 

For more info please visit our Diamond Way Buddhism website


Lama Ole Nydahl is coming to South Africa!

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Please take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to meet Lama Ole Nydahl in person.

He offers public lectures in Cape Town, 08 March and in Johannesburg, 05 March for the first time in 35 years! He comes all the way from all around the world, to bless our Diamond Way Centres. Be part of the joy, be part of the journey to enlightenment!

Come join us, and let Buddhism in the West and its timeless values inspire you. Receive your personal blessing from our liberated Lama.

Please visit our Facebook  page or just leave a comment 🙂

See you there!

Love Clivia

Holistic Events

Holistic Events are dedicated to the empowerment of women, men and children by offering workshops and retreats. The goal: to live a healthy, balanced, happy and contented life.

Our workshops embrace a lifestyle free of dis-ease, to live a life of full potential, balanced and contented on all levels of existence.

The commitment stands in bringing forth the power of choice, the power of creation and the power of integration. Communities have the potential to add value, growth and peace to their lives, to our economy, our country and to our future generations.

The workshops and retreats are offered to community social clubs, religious organisations, associations, NGO’s and schools in the Western Cape.

New Beginnings

“Everything that has a beginning has an ending. Make your peace with that and all will be well” – Buddha 

New beginnings, what does this mean for you?

It happened during my travels in Thailand when I closed the door to my past, a past that used to be my life, my everything. It was the hardest thing to do and took around 13 months! Now when I look back, I realized that I had to go through this breakdown as it created the woman I am today.

I decided a life of new beginnings because the obvious was in front of me: to live or to go down. I won’t go into detail as I’m sure you know what I mean. So for the sake of my loved ones, my health and my future, I decided to LIVE AGAIN!

Today, I’m still in the transition period between old and new. Sometimes accompanied by pain and disappointment, lately more excitement! I look forward to walking through the door leading to the next stage of my life, where the light shines through and where flowers are blooming just for me. I promise myself to live a conscious life, take that what I’ve learnt from my past and make this new phase in my life the very best one! Bearing always in mind that everything eventually has an end.

The most important lesson learned: “The condition of my personal relationships, is a direct reflection of my degree of self-love.” 

This post is dedicated to my family and friends who supported me through the most difficult time in my life. Thank you 🙂

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My First Solo Flight

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Ever since I can remember, I wanted to become a pilot. As the years passed my career steered me into the business world and engineering.

At the age of 35, I became seriously ill and it was then when I decided turning my dream of flying into reality.

I vividly recall studying in my hospital bed, sick of chemotherapy and how I never gave up. Today I am an airline pilot in business aviation and ambulance flying. I’m licensed to fly various airplanes in different continents and I’m enjoying every moment of my dream, now my reality.

What was the most thrilling experience during my first solo flight?

When my instructor informed me: “I think you are ready” (just like in Avatar, the movie when Neytiri told Jake he was ready to become a Matakaya). I replied: “Ready for what?” “Ready for take off!” he commanded.

The instructor never gave me a chance to answer as he was convinced I could do it. And so I took off and flew along the traffic pattern (a mere 5 minutes!)) around the airport. I went through my checklist, radio communication and just as I was about to downwind to the airport I realized (WTF!) now I have to land this thing alone! Within a second my adrenalin hit an all time high and blood pressure pumped to the maximum. I could hear my heart beating through my headphones as I was ticking off checklist for the approach, keeping track of procedures, proper radio communication and flew the plane in the requested speed and configuration.

As I was turning into final approach for landing and thank heavens I could see the runway in front of me, it was then that I kept my focus and confidence together and said NO to anxiety and uncertainty building up my head.


I can’t explain or describe how it felt that day. That feeling follows me till this very day as I’m flying around the world delivering either patients or high profiled guests to their destinations. The feeling of flying creates a beautiful balance in my life that is filled with gratification, exhilaration, gratitude and the mere fact that I know that I’m capable of living my dream!

 My message to you: “Don’t allow an illness or anything of that matter to make you realize you should reach for your dreams, you just never know… Go and do it now! 

The story of Rony Vogel 

Replacing Sugar

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The body breaks down carbohydrates slower than sugar itself. One gets a sugar high from sugar and a sugar low as energy levels deplete faster than sugar substitutes. A ‘moderate’ intake of refined sugar can be an acceptable part of a healthy diet. Too much sugar in the diet can contribute to various health problems.

The process of where sugar binds with protein until they become non-functional is called glycosylation. All our cells in our bodies contain some protein but when protein attach to sugars they cannot function effectively.

Collagen makes up about 25% of our bodies protein content and when damaged from glycosylation or when oxidation occurs, it breaks down the collagen making skin lose its elasticity and skin becomes more vulnerable to sun damage. The skin becomes saggy, dehydrated and eventually wrinkled.

Large quantities of sugar compromise our immune function resulting in a rapid increase in insulin production and bruised capillaries. It also leads to production of more sebum in the skin that contributes to acne as well as inflammation throughout the body.

The good news is that sugar can easily be replaced with fruit and vegetables. A great way to start the day is to drink first thing in the morning, a warm glass of freshly squeezed lemon juice, a touch of honey and a teaspoon of olive oil to neutralize overnight acidity levels. Drink this every morning, cut down on the sugar, up the exercise and fresh air. Drink plenty of water and you’ll see a difference in your mood, health and skin! One life, live well and enjoy!

If I Only Have One Year To Live, What Will I Do


This is what I would do if I only have one year to live:

  • I’ll sell most of my things and live lighter
  • I’ll go travel with my soul mate, daughter and my mom to visit the pyramids, travel across Canada, travel with my Buddhist teacher, visit Tibet, skydive with my Buddhist teacher, visit India again, hop over to New Zealand, spend a few weeks in Indonesia and Malaysia, visit central America
  • Tick off my 100 bucket list and do it all!
  • Blog about my experiences!
  • Do yoga, swim with dolphins, teach in spiritual courses and deeply connect to my soul mate…

So now for the real question: “What is stopping me from achieving all the above now?”  I could answer that it’s in fact…Life: I have too many responsibilities, money issues, my life is too settled and I don’t have much time right now.

Are my responsibilities keeping me away from living my dream because I think I’ll live long enough to experience my dreams anyway? Or do I have to wait for death to come knock on my door, make the change and then live my dream? Who am I kidding! 😉