Will Power

Will Power WILL POWER – The ability to restrain impulses that tempt us to choose immediate gratification over longer-term goals.

“My emotional wellbeing is compromised when I loose self-control and willpower, destroying my well-earned longterm goals and my personal boundaries.”

Self-control, self-discipline and will power all hold positive outcomes, resulting in dreams coming true!

It is said that our problems in life occur from a lack of willpower. The good news is that will power can be learned and strengthened by practicing, by re-shaping and understanding your current state of mind. Try this:

Take one step, one goal 

  • Do one goal at a time and set achievable, smaller goals.
  1. Power of mental Imaginary
  • Imagination goes together with emotion.
  • Close your eyes, imagine achieving a specific goal, now place all your emotion in that picture and hold it as long as possible.
  • Do this daily and you’ll see results 🙂
  1. Analyse yourself
  • A reminder to yourself why you want to change, and achieve.
  • It creates a full acknowledgment in your mind.
  • Why do I lack motivation? Answer as many as you can.
  • Create the advantages and disadvantages of the situation.
  • List the emotional and physical benefits.
  • List the drawbacks.
  • What holds the significance?
  1. Attitude
  • Try pushing yourself out of comfort zone, at least 20%. For example: “I know I can run for 15 minutes without stopping, so I can push myself for 20 minutes without stopping”
  • Change your attitude towards your goals and create self-discipline.
  • My self-control depends strongly on how I go about my decisions.
  • Time management and being in a routine can support you.
  1. Environment
  • Change and adapt your environment to support your goals. For example: create a zen like environment in your bedroom if you want to meditate, de-stress or relax more in your life. You don’t need to go to a spa or a centre, change can happens at home.
  • Join support networks and social groups with similar dreams, visions, goals, etc.
  1. Nutrition
  • Enjoy a consistent healthy lifestyle, with good nutrition and regular exercise.
  • Love your body and your perfect imperfections.
  • Try a detox for only 3 days: fruits and veggies with lots of herbal teas and water should do it. Try juicing.
  1. Power Within
  • It is really up to you. You are the creator of your life.
  • You manifest that what you think, do and say. Watch your thoughts, words and see how you can improve and create from there.
  • You are responsible for your own happiness, your health, you life.
  • Stop complaining, stop procrastinating and stop being miserable. Your willpower is all it takes, so get up and start your life now 😉