Lama Ole Nydahl is coming to South Africa!

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Please take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to meet Lama Ole Nydahl in person.

He offers public lectures in Cape Town, 08 March and in Johannesburg, 05 March for the first time in 35 years! He comes all the way from all around the world, to bless our Diamond Way Centres. Be part of the joy, be part of the journey to enlightenment!

Come join us, and let Buddhism in the West and its timeless values inspire you. Receive your personal blessing from our liberated Lama.

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See you there!

Love Clivia

Holistic Events

Holistic Events are dedicated to the empowerment of women, men and children by offering workshops and retreats. The goal: to live a healthy, balanced, happy and contented life.

Our workshops embrace a lifestyle free of dis-ease, to live a life of full potential, balanced and contented on all levels of existence.

The commitment stands in bringing forth the power of choice, the power of creation and the power of integration. Communities have the potential to add value, growth and peace to their lives, to our economy, our country and to our future generations.

The workshops and retreats are offered to community social clubs, religious organisations, associations, NGO’s and schools in the Western Cape.