My Favourite Cat in the Hat book is ……

Cat in the Hat

My lecturer requested we wrote about Dr Suess”s Cat in the Hat books. I didn’t have these books as a kid and after I read about it on the internet, I’m looking forward to experience this funny character and his stories with my little girl. As a mom of a very busy toddler who unpacks just about everything, teaching her not to leave a mess is exactly how Dr Seuss’s Cat will help!!

“The Cat in the Hat dates back to 1957  and features a very cheerful, exotic and high-spirited Cat who brings chaos to the household of a brother and a sister. The Cat performs all sorts of crazy tricks to entertain the children, all coming from his hat and with mix results of course! He got this box and out jumps two strange creatures: Thing One and Thing Two. These two start flying kites in the house while the children’s pets , a sapient and articulate fish dislike the Cat. The children, Sally and her unnamed older brother who is also the narrator, capture the Things and bring the Cat under control. The Cat cleans up and disappears in a second before their mother arrives. When their mother asked what they were up to while she was away, the story ends right there with this question, leaving the reader to think: What would you do if your mother asked you?”

The Cat in the Hat made a return appearance in the 1958 sequel and finish with little rhyming cats, designed to teach the reader the alphabet. Today you’ll find the Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library, a series of books for early development and the movie, The Cat in the Hat with Dakota Fanning playing Sally.

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