A Brief Look Into My Spiritual Growth

This post is dedicated to a gorgeous lady whom I met on the islands of Panarea, Italy. She currently lives in Munich where we became very good friends. This is her personal contribution to my blog ‘Perception of Reality’….

A Brief Look Into My Spiritual Growth 

By Immeria Lübbers

The thing that I am most passionate about is finding true happiness. I am deeply grateful to have discovered the journey which led me and ultimately helped me achieve just that. I’ve always imagined my life on earth as temporary and therefore, refrained from being possessed by material gains, social norms, peer pressure and the like, which I agree are reasons that deprives one from living their true, authentic Self.

Coming from a background where religion played a significant role in our upbringing, I deviated from some of the teachings which didn’t reconcile with how I saw the world. I battled with failure, never seeing it as an option: only, it proved to be my biggest teacher with a valuable lesson at hand. It took me years to nurture and understand my path towards enlightenment.  Then one day, out of the blue it happened….I was literally HAPPY (Having All Peace Power to Yield). Since then, I am living a harmonious, balanced and peaceful life. My manifestations through self-love and self-forgiveness quantified amazing results.

The outcome: that long-awaited growth into my own spirituality!



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