Why Am I Feeling So Sad… :-(



My post ‘Cry” from a few months ago inspired me to write this blog. I noticed that ‘Cry’ receives the most hits per month. Sadness affects so many people and they are out there searching for help.

Please note that this post is based on my personal experience with emotions. If you are experiencing trauma, anger, severe depression please do seek professional help immediately. I hope and pray that my perception of emotions can bring you some kind of relief, heal your heart and strengthen your wellbeing. May it support you and offer you light on your beautiful path called life…..

Lets take a look at what is going on when you are feeling sad:  You feel depressed, empty, it hurts, you feel rejected, sore and ugly but most of all you feel terribly lonely.

Well, first of all what you are experiencing is completely normal and natural. Feeling sad is the opposite emotion of feeling good. Sadness is the other side of the nice life. Call it what you may, it is there and is now part of you. The first thing is to accept that you feel like shit! 

The next thing is to know that like all things in life, our emotions are coming and going. It is constantly changing and you will feel different at some stage but for now…..you are feeling sad. The next question: ‘What do you do now with this horrible feeling?’ …..You simply feel it!

Yes, that is what you do. Feel it, go into and dive into it without thinking.Make sure when you feel this emotion that you have space, the right support and enough time. Open yourself up and give yourself the chance to really feel it. Go on and feel it!!

There is one thing you must never do: “Never make a decision when you are ‘inside’ an emotion, especially if you feel it very strong like anger. You can hurt yourself and others. It is not possible to make conscious choices under a strong emotion’s influence.”

It may take a few minutes, it may take a day….even a year! It depends how strong the emotion’s imprint is in your heart. Let it out, otherwise you’re faced with it again in the future…it normally shows itself as a disease, a failure or a row of negative results in your life.

Open your heart to your sadness and welcome it. Don’t be afraid, breath into it and be proud of yourself for being able to feel. Once you feel balanced and stronger, then allow yourself to make the healthy choices. Feeling is what makes us human. Any kind of emotion has its role, it is there for a reason. Don’t push it away, oppress it, abuse it or go against it. Take it on, learn from it and enjoy the lesson.

All our obstacles in life are hidden opportunities for us to grow and transform to the better.

Flexing Your Muscles


Being in good shape doesn’t necessarily mean you are healthy. Everyone wants to look good and turn heads. Some will do the extraordinary lengths to achieve this. Start dieting or start exercising is the most common way to build a better body. Today many also turn to aesthetic procedures to get that desired look.

What people should realise is that a good workout is not going to get them physically healthy and fit. They should rather maintain good health or first become physically fit.

To be physical fit means the ability to function effectively throughout the day and perform daily activities well. It only requires five factors:

1. Cardio-respiratory endurance

2. Muscular strength

3. Muscular endurance

4. Muscular flexibility

5. Body composition: ratio of body fat-to-lean muscle mass

Basically if you can go about your daily activities without feeling exhausted, you may be physically fit to start exercising! So now you are healthy to exercise, what next:

1. Get the right diet! Protein is key to building muscle. 50% protein, 30% fat (healthy ones! and 20% carbohydrates.

2. Pumping iron! Repair and rebuild your muscle (2 to 4 repetitions of 10 and you will see results within 3 months if practiced 3-4 times per week)

3. Be wise! Have a goal at the end of you training with a reward. Do it for yourself, it is your life and it is your body. One body in this lifetime: enjoy it and give it only the best.

A wise friend of mine told me: ”Bless your food, drink and everything you put into your body as it becomes one with you!’


Andy Warhol’s Quote on Being World Famous for 15 Minutes!

Andy Warhol


‘In the future, everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes.’  So you can’t choose the 15 minutes but why would you be world famous?

One of the most important artists of Pop Art today, Andy Warhol. You can remember him for his paintings of Campbell’s soup cans and he also created hundreds of other works including commercial advertisements and films. If each one of us are famous at some stage in the future, it makes sense to prepare ourselves on the topic. Lets briefly take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of being famous:

The greatest advantage of being famous is all that fame and fortune!

We get to live in huge mansions with our sexy partners and we have butlers and body guards…and cooks! We spend our holidays in expensive resorts and yachts, wear designer labels and drive fancy cars. Doors open for us everywhere and we get all the attention. Our voices are easily heard and we can make a huge change in the world. 


Ok, so being in the spotlight means no privacy and you can risk your own safety. Another disadvantage is loneliness and anxiety from all the attention and possibilities. You might be faced with some crazy fan addict or an obsessive stalker. Trust and honesty become something from the past and you start to question your real friends or are they just fans who’s riding your wave of fame? 

When it is your turn to be famous, I say step out under that spotlight and give it your best shot. Life is all about risks and taking on challenges. Go on, make that special entrance and be the world’s famous star….and do it for you!

*Please add your own advantages and disadvantages in the comment boxes 😉 

Natural Relief

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For effective remedies for some conditions, look no further than your kitchen herb garden. Natural relief has deep roots in traditional wisdom and are recapturing the public’s attention. To such an extent, that mainstream drug manufactures are jumping on the wagon with a stream of new herbal medicines on market shelves everywhere.

Natural remedies maybe less effective in killing germs and bacteria, but they are superior in term of restoring immunity, helping the body to regain strength and overcome illnesses.

Here are a few examples: 

1. Boosting the immune system: 

A daily dose of Echinacea can strengthen the immune system drastically. A few other herbs and supplements which may help in this regard are chamomile, Siberian ginseng, wild indigo, goldenseal, stinging nettle, rosehip, rosemary, peppermint and thuja.

2. High blood pressure: 

Apple cider vinegar, garlic and cayenne pepper and celery are excellent herbs and remedies.

3. Cancer treatments:

These are cabbage, mustard seeds and turnips.  Broccoli reverses breast cancer and carrots help reverse lung cancer. Ginger, onions and garlic shrink tumors throughout the body. Broccoli offers a vast array of cancer-fighting compounds, including antiangiogenesis phytochemicals that help “starve” tumors so they die, all without harming healthy cells.

4. Muscle and joint pain 

Chilli and capsicums support healthy joints. Devil’s Claw, Glucosamine and Boswellia help to support healthy, mobile joints and muscles and keep them moving freely. Essential oils such as Peppermint, Pine and Ginger essential oils promotes circulation, soothes sore muscles and joints and promotes faster healing.

5. Gastrointestinal Illnesses 

Herbs such as Matricaria recutita (German Chamomile) and Filipendula ulmaria (Meadowsweet) support ongoing health in the entire digestive system and stomach lining and act as a tonic and a soothing remedy. You can also use basil, ginger, turmeric and even ripe papaya.

*Natural remedies are an example of the perfection that nature has given us to survive on this planet. It is there for the taking and is less expensive, works with the body and has been there for centuries 🙂

Age is Just a Number

Just because we are getting older, doesn’t mean we have to look old as well….I am sure you have heard this before. On my 30th birthday I became down right anxious and very much aware of my age.

Over the months, I learned that a youthful appearance has little to do with age. A woman can keep her youthfulness even in her 40’s just by staying out of harsh sunlight, avoiding stress, cigarettes, eating right, exercising and getting enough sleep. Age is a process of change and measured chronologically. A person’s birthday is often an important event and is in direct relation to the ageing process. I personally do not agree with the latter. However the term “ageing” is somewhat ambiguous. As for myself, I commit to living a healthy, happy lifestyle with balance and moderation and of course all in acceptance of my age.

Ageing is part of being human. It does not mean you should place each person in an ‘ageing box’. I feel 50 sometimes, look sometimes 28 and act sometimes like a 5 year old!  At the end it is just a number anyway and we are as old as we feel and look.

So please embrace your age, stop judging and give each person a chance, no matter what or who he is and enjoy your ageing process 😉

“Rock Journalism is People Who Can’t Write Interviewing People, Who Can’t Talk for People Who Can’t Read” (Frank Zappa)




Another one of those unexpected tasks from my teacher. According to Quote Investigator, Frank Zappa made this funny remark in 1977 during an interview with a staff writer for the Toronto Star newspaper: “Most rock journalism is people who can’t write interviewing people who can’t talk for people who can’t read,” he says.

Personally what I understood is that Zappa did not care about education or the ‘system’. He probably created his own, opposite world. With his quote he tried to express his way of life and thinking. He made a remarkable, yet funny expression highlighting what the big hype was around interviewing rock artists? Are rock stars even interested buying a magazine and reading about themselves? Did he want people to dislike him personally and he made it obvious that he did not have much room for liking you, whoever you were. This quote is famous and highly interpreted by so many, just try googling it!

In any case, for those of you who don’t know Frank Vincent Zappa, he was an American self-taught composer, performer and writer of more than 30 years as well as record engineer and producer. Zappa was a highly productive and prolific artist who gained widespread critical acclaim with a lifetime achievement award in 1997.  Zappa’s known for his diverse musical influences that led him to create music that was often impossible to categorize. He died in 1993 from prostate cancer and had four kids from his wife Gail who manages the Zappa Family Trust today.


A Skill Set Called Leadership


Each one of us are able lead. According to my dictionary, a leader is a person who leads or commands a group, organization or a country. If we all have leadership potential and abilities, then why make leadership training and requirements so complicated? Being a leader is not about power or controlling others, it is about installing direction and influencing others to follow that direction.

Research shown that these are the skills and qualities required for a successful leader in today’s world:

A leader must have…..

  • Vision 
  • Discipline 
  • Integrity 
  • Dedication 
  • Magnanimity
  • Humility 
  • Openness 
  • Assertive
  • Creative
  • Fairness 
  • Sense of humor 

I didn’t go into detail with the above skills as I believe that each person is unique and can add its very own description according to his or hers personality, strengths, way of life, etc. A great tool to support you is to practice self-awareness and practice leading yourself in your daily life. What I found useful is you can only tell others what to do if you are living that example. So practice what you preach and live authentically.

To summarise: “If you combine the above set of skills and qualities, create your own life story and ambitions and add your unique personality, you’re destined for success and others will follow. It is up to you, the individual to step out of the crowd and become that leader ;-)”

My Top 200 Achievements

My understanding on the subject achievement: a thing done successfully, typically by effort, courage, or skill. 

When my teacher instructed this ‘impossible task’, I froze and procrastinated until I finally sat down and wrote my story as brief ‘possible’:

  1. Born as a human being 
  2. Had my first boyfriend at the age of 6: Superman!
  3. Became a member of the local library and read all the books in the kids section by the age of 11!  (10 points)
  4.  Tried flying in the air and broke my arm at 8 years old. 
  5. Had my first crush on a teacher….I won’t say who he was 🙂 
  6. Became a beautiful woman at the age of ….not saying 🙂 
  7. Hated high school with a passion for 5 years!  (10 points)
  8. Learned to drive at the age of 14  (10 points)
  9. Tried rollerblades, fell 100 a times and still loved it!
  10. Read all the teenage books in the library by the time I was 17!  (10 points)
  11. Fell in a stormy river while I thought I was flying between the trees! 
  12. Married my soul mate  (10 points) and then divorced him 😦
  13. Survived a small plane crash in 2004  (10 points)
  14. Studied at University of Stellenbosch and Cape Peninsula University of Technology 
  15. Learned German and a little French  (10 points)
  16. Fell in love…again…again..and again..etc 🙂 
  17. Got my first car out of the box and sold my first business in my late 20’s!
  18. Lived in London for a year!
  19. Meditated in Spain under the hot sun and became a Buddhist
  20. Received blessing to start Buddhist centre in Africa (www.buddhism-southafrica.org) (10 points)
  21. Learned with ‘Osho’ in Puna, India
  22. Studied life coaching for a year!
  23. Watched Avatar 30 times and Matrix 20 times! I am undeniably and unconditionally in love with the Twilight series and Vampire Dairies!  (20 points)
  24. Backpacked Thailand alone and did 39 zipline flights, the longest one was 800m in Chiang Mai!  (10 points)
  25. Jumped off a cliff in Goa with a paraglider 
  26. Learned forgiveness, how to let go and how to love myself unconditionally 
  27. Travelled the world!  (20 points)
  28. Had 22 flights within 2 months and flew over the Northern Pole!  (10 points)
  29. Met the best girlfriends and friends around the world  (10 points)
  30. Had a baby daughter who is the love of my life (50 points) 
So that’s it for now: 200 Top Achievements in this life!
What do I now? Of course, I look very much forward to doubling it by the time I reach 50! 😉

What Motivates Me


What motivates me is gratitude. I am grateful for being alive and living in a time where the world is still a good place. Living in a world where there is still hope and I have a voice to speak up and share my opinion.


Ever since I can remember, I was questioning my very being. Who am I? What is my life purpose? Why do I have to die and where do I go? My list was endless…

After many personal development courses, spiritual practices, readings, experiences and traveling I could answer most of my questions. I got to understand my true nature and my true potential. Upon this realization, an immense feeling of gratitude swept over me. This gratitude is growing stronger as I breath into each day and night.

I am grateful to be part of a Rainbow Nation where I have the possibilities and conditions to live a happy life filled with challenges and growth. I am the driver of my life and I have the power to decide where I want to go and what I want to do. Knowing I have this power, is my motivating key in life 😉
A quote from a smiling stranger: “In our lives, may we come to realize that it is not being happy that makes us grateful, but that it is being grateful that makes us happy!”

Ten Most Unexpected Consequences of Being Online.

source: digitaltrends.com

Connecting to the internet means we enter another universe with its own unique laws. A universe where we can speak up and let our voices be heard, feel some kind of equality and experience freedom.

Unfortunately, it is also a universe where people have the added anonymity leading to an environment of abuse and addiction. The internet in a whole is a place where cause and effect (karma) happen. I call it consequence:  a result or an effect that naturally or logically follows that action.

I have made a list of ten unexpected consequences of being online. I chose negative consequences to make you aware of the powerful impact these unexpected consequences can have on our daily lives.

1.Online Social Networking:  Can potentially damage your online reputation and gives offline trouble for users (home burglaries – thieves monitor your daily patterns). Prospect employers can check your character online.

2. Online Gaming: These have anti-social consequences, violence – and physical- and personal development consequences.

3. Online Piracy: Software piracy is stealing. In addition to legal consequences, you could be exposed to viruses, corrupt disk or defective software, no warranties, lack of technical support and eligibility for software upgrades. Copyright infringements are punishable by up to 5 years in prison or $250 000 in fines.

4. Online Victimization: Exposure of being a victim for unwanted sexual material, harassment and sexual solicitation.

5. Online Shopping (B2C – business to consumer):  It’s convenient but risky. There is fraud and security concerns, lack of full cost disclosure, privacy concerns and lack of  hands on inspection. Online shopping can bring you in financial problems and debts. It is addictive to an extend where you anti-socialize and become frustrated, angry and filled with resentment and envy.

6. Online Bullying :  Students or teenagers who are bullied experience headaches, colds and other physical illnesses, as well as psychological problems. They are often silent and their social behavior change dramatically.

7. Online Racism: One becomes filled with hatred of the subjected race, which could lead to discrimination, segregation and hate crimes. And the one attacked, experiences a lot of suffering and pain from online racism.

8. Online Identity Theft: Identity thieves typically obtain and exploit personally identifiable information about individuals. They use various credentials to authenticate themselves and to impersonate them.

9. Online Dating:  The risks of meeting dishonest partners can leave you broken-hearted. You can become frustrated if the site is not functioning properly or you can realize too late that the insufficient amount of members after registration with your credit card. You can become addicted and anti-social.

10. Online Risk Taking: You’re exposed to various kinds of abuse such as violence, sexual – and substance abuse. Teenagers are at risk of an adult-orientated behaviour. Displaying risky behaviour publicly may also negatively impact on future opportunities for employment or university admissions for example.