Every Day is a Good Day!


How many of us are living a happy and contented life and how many of us are living a life for someone else? How many of us turn our cheeks when somebody raises the question: ”Are you having a good day or are you just pretending to be happy because that is how it should be for you?”

So often we find ourselves in a situation where we secretly feel lost and confused. We are too scared to share our feelings. What will the neighbour say if they find out? Why are we untrue to ourselves? We deserve real happiness, love and attention like everyone else.  How come it’s so difficult to live a true, authentic and happy life?

Deep down we know we have a choice. We are too scared to make a move, too scared to speak up and too scared to live our dreams. We are comfortable with our daily routine, year after year. 

There are all sorts of excuses why we choose to have bad days. We can say that the outside world is to blame. They emphasise on living the perfect life, on how to thrive in today’s world with their self-help books, magazines and TV programme telling us exactly how to do it. Now take a look at the children playing and communicating. They are just living their lives! Yes, of course they have no responsibilities, but look closer. Just see how fearless they are. They fall, they cry, the get up and try again.

When you want change, you need to move out of your comfort zone and expect things differently. There will be tears or it might feel uncomfortable. But it is not forever. You will see the light….your light. Enjoy having your good day, every day! 😉





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