Our Greatest Strengths are our Greatest Weaknesses.


Most of us already know that our strengths are obstacles if we do not practice awareness of such an innate power. It can become our greatest weaknesses. ‘With great power comes great responsibility.’ 

We all want happiness, we all want to be successful and special. Throughout life, this thought follows us and drives us into our well-paved future. Consistently reminding us of our existence.  We mark our presence in this world with our defined personalities of strengths and weaknesses and everyone should know about it. Everyone should know about our very being!

So what’s wrong with this picture? What do you think?

Unfortunately we’re programmed to perform at our best. We lose sight of who we really are. We become unconscious of our own power and strengths. If we practice awareness that all beings want happiness in life, automatically this competition and loneliness dissolve. We will then want to share our qualities and intentions with others.

Now if we think about our strengths and weaknesses, we will notice that it does not matter anymore….we are all equal and special anyway!


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