Blue Rock!

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Before you read this, please know that I am not marketing any concept or activity. I am merely sharing something that is very precious to me and I believe everyone should know about this gem of a place 😉

Imagine a place where you can be a child again, screaming from the top of your voice out of pure happiness! A place where you can be one with nature and do all sorts of fun stuff whilst experiencing inner freedom of how life supposed to be. That inner freedom that is most of the time covered and blocked with the many responsibilities that are ruling our very being, our very happiness.

A place created just for you and me to enjoy and to come out to play. A place where we can find ourselves again and let go of this competing, stiff reality. That place exists and is called Blue Rock!

Blue Rock is the only lake in Cape Town with crystal clear water and a depth of 60m. In summer the water temperatures go up to 26°C and in winter around 18°C . Situated on the beautiful slopes of the Helderberg Mountains in Sir Lowry’s Pass with views that overlook Strand, Gordon’s Bay, False Bay and even the backside of Table Mountain. This lake offers many activities for each and every one of us. They use an overhead cable system with an electronic motor which pulls skiers around the lake. These activities are endless on the cable system from waterskiing, to knee-boarding, to wake-boarding, etc. There are obstacles on the ski courses consisting of all sorts of kickers, sliders, rooftops, etc. Fridays there is night skiing dependent on the weather of course. Even surfing and barefoot skiing have been seen before! It offers excellent training for kite boarders, especially when there is no wind 🙂

Don’t worry about equipment, they have everything for rent! Even life jackets are complementary. The only requirement is that you can swim 🙂

It gets even better, Blue Rock has a fully licensed restaurant with top quality, tasty dishes and the best pizzas ever! Please do try their Asian Noodle Chicken Salad, it is the best ever especially after a few hours of skiing you get these enormous hunger pangs. Kids can enjoy the fun playground including the trampoline and yes, they do have volleyball facilities too. Oh, before I forget, did I mention they have cliff jumping starting from a few metres to lots and lots more. They even have a beach! Yes, a sandy beach where you can swim and paddle endlessly away. Feel free to bring your picnic baskets and spread out your blanket in the picnic areas. To all the moms, this is the perfect place to have your child’s birthday. It’s simply effortless, safe and amazing!

Other activities include a Fufi-slide that takes you on a 400m adrenalin ride from the top of the cliff into the lake. They have an Endure Motocross track featuring various obstacles, hill climbs, marshy river trails, etc. Diving into the deepest part offers extra fun with a variety of scuba courses at hand. And for those anger management crowd: Paintball is the one for you! To protect each and everyone Blue Rock has its own rules and regulations. So please respect, abide and know it is for your safety.

Yes, I told you Blue Rock is a gem and everyone should know about it. Go on, spread the word! An entrance fee of R30 gets you in. Come on, pack up the kids and make the effort now to experience this amazing phenomenon called Blue Rock 😉

Check their website for more details:

Elephant in the Room

An elephant in the room is an English metaphorical idiom for an obvious truth that is ignored, overlooked or goes unaddressed. When you admit you having an elephant in your life, you admit to being truthful to yourself and others. It expresses your compassion for life and those affected by the presence and consequences of the elephant.

I was raised in a small village where everyone knew each other’s business. On weekends men used to drink and women made sure their families are fed, clothed and put to bed. As a child my dad started drinking this way and still does to this day. I remember how friends used to visit us and they would drink, eat and sometimes even argue together. Throughout the years my dad’s drinking habits became worse.

I remember begging him to stop and telling him his drinking ways are destroying the family, his health and life. I remember my mom and brothers struggling with him. Then the day came where we all had enough and began to live our lives with this elephant in our room.

The birth of my daughter was an amazing gift to the family. Afterwards I confronted him about the elephant – unfortunately with no luck.

What I know today is that I choose to live my truth and I am turning towards the elephant because I love my father and I believe that he can be healed. I hope and pray that he will stop and that it won’t be too late. If you know you have an elephant in your room, please take a look at it and see if you can free it from its misery. They say ignorance is bliss, but what they don’t say is that with this kind of bliss comes lasting suffering and pain which stems from being untrue to yourself and others.

Every Day is a Good Day!

How many of us are living a happy and contented life and how many of us are living a life for someone else? How many of us turn our cheeks when somebody raises the question: ”Are you having a good day or are you just pretending to be happy because that is how it should be for you?”

So often we find ourselves in a situation where we secretly feel lost and confused. We are too scared to share our feelings. What will the neighbour say if they find out? Why are we untrue to ourselves? We deserve real happiness, love and attention like everyone else.  How come it’s so difficult to live a true, authentic and happy life?

Deep down we know we have a choice. We are too scared to make a move, too scared to speak up and too scared to live our dreams. We are comfortable with our daily routine, year after year. 

There are all sorts of excuses why we choose to have bad days. We can say that the outside world is to blame. They emphasise on living the perfect life, on how to thrive in today’s world with their self-help books, magazines and TV programme telling us exactly how to do it. Now take a look at the children playing and communicating. They are just living their lives! Yes, of course they have no responsibilities, but look closer. Just see how fearless they are. They fall, they cry, the get up and try again.

When you want change, you need to move out of your comfort zone and expect things differently. There will be tears or it might feel uncomfortable. But it is not forever. You will see the light….your light. Enjoy having your good day, every day! 😉





Our Greatest Strengths are our Greatest Weaknesses.

Most of us already know that our strengths are obstacles if we do not practice awareness of such an innate power. It can become our greatest weaknesses. ‘With great power comes great responsibility.’ 

We all want happiness, we all want to be successful and special. Throughout life, this thought follows us and drives us into our well-paved future. Consistently reminding us of our existence.  We mark our presence in this world with our defined personalities of strengths and weaknesses and everyone should know about it. Everyone should know about our very being!

So what’s wrong with this picture? What do you think?

Unfortunately we’re programmed to perform at our best. We lose sight of who we really are. We become unconscious of our own power and strengths. If we practice awareness that all beings want happiness in life, automatically this competition and loneliness dissolve. We will then want to share our qualities and intentions with others.

Now if we think about our strengths and weaknesses, we will notice that it does not matter anymore….we are all equal and special anyway!