Our Crowning Glory


Hair is a big thing in my community. I am part of a nation called Rainbow nation. Just  imagine a colourful bunch of people, with colourful hair and a colourful culture. So why is hair so important in our culture? Why is hair our pride and crowning glory?

Let me start: ”My hair is an outward expression of the love I have within me. When I experience difficult times, I question my hair…I try to change my hair”

I then went and asked a couple of friends and relatives about their relationship with their hair:

    ”My hair’s connected to my moods. My moods are very much dependent on the state of my hair.”

    ”The straighter my hair, the better I feel from within. I get it right with a Swirlkous!” 

    ”I feel important, powerful and it gives me that extra confidence at work or in any environment.”

    ”My hair is the most significant in my life, even more so than my boyfriend!”

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After much thought on the subject, what revealed to me was that our reality is not shaped by the state of our hair but shaped by the experiences we gain from expressing ourselves through the state of our hair. Take responsibility for your own experiences by expressing a beautiful you, expressing a happier you, of living authentically in all your endeavours, without the need of approval from others.

It seems obvious our hair’s indeed, our crowning glory!

5 thoughts on “Our Crowning Glory

  1. hahahahahaha I love this. Its so true. We as women are so obsessed with our hair because it is really apart of who we are. We judge each others based on what our hair looks like and we even compare our hair to others. Hair is our crowning glory but it shouldn’t be our defining glory. Very nice entry 🙂

    1. Women compare everything, not just hair! But I do love looking at all the different hairstyles! It’s the first thing I notice when I see another man or women. It’s even one of my preferences when choosing a guy. For example, I won’t date a guy with a mullet, or I stereotype guys who have enough gel in the hair for me to use as well – I see them as narcissists.

      1. You make a great point. We do tend to avoid people with certain styles because we have already made an assumption based on their hair. It is so interesting that at ‘stage of evolution’ we would consider hair and hairstyles to be an indicator of personalities, ethics, standards etc

  2. I agree! I had long blonde hair during my school years and it was perfectly blowdry’d everyday. After school I cut my hair short, then coloured it black, added a deep wine red triangle streak on the side, then started going from black back to blonde in all different shades of brown, copper and blonde over two years. Now it’s back to the way it was 7 years ago! 😀 Love your story!

  3. thanks for all your comments. hair will always be a topic in our lives and something we should acknowledge as important and not take for granted. when my relationship experienced a difficult time, i immediately did some improvements to my hair. as i wasn’t in a such a good space, my hair turned out green! so now i know, when i am sad or being challenged, i leave my hair alone and i focus on something like spoiling myself to some sushi, a movie or a treat at a day spa! 🙂 enjoy your hair!! even a picnic on the beach ( a beach i never go to as i live only 5 minutes walk away!!)

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