Fish Falling from the Sky


A fish falling from the sky is a magical thing. An absolute miraculous occasion. But how often does this happen? Is it even possible? There is this saying: ”There is plenty of fishes in the sea.” Plenty for everyone which makes me think of love and I think astrology, the star sign Pisces.

I am a communicative, humorous and airy Gemini who often attracts the slippery, romantic Piscean who loves’ swimming’ away to sort out their life issues and need consistent affirmation on how wonderful they are. Give them their space, and they enthusiastically return with an energy Gemini’s simply can’t resist. This leads me to my next question: ‘‘Are Gemini’s and Pisceans the perfect match?’’

According to the astrology compatibility scale, the passion quotient is high between Gemini’s and Pisceans, and so are the conflicts. Emotional, sensitive Piscean is too easily hurt by thoughtless, playful Gemini. Each practices deception in his or her own way: Gemini dissembles, Piscean won’t deal with reality. They are in fact, extreme opposites.

Gemini’s and Pisceans are a perfect match! So opposites do attract just like Yin & Yang, hot and cold, right and left, boy and girl….makes sense. And what does my story have to do with a fish falling from the sky? I leave it up to your imagination 🙂

One thought on “Fish Falling from the Sky

  1. WOW, I am gemini and everything that you have just mentioned is what I am and what my relationship with a piscean partner was like however we were incompatible, I came across blunt and emotionless, we could never hold a conversation for to long because we would always end up fighting due to our differences, he was always looking for compliments, he was just to sensitive and never dealt with reality at face value everything was one big fantasy in life and especially in his approach to solving problems (avoiding them by running away), I was constantly hurting his feelings by voicing my opinions and being honest. We were always in conflict and had agreed to end things however I will always have this unknown, undescribed passion and longing to be with him, I crave the arguements life seems boring without him, if only he knew. The story ends with “And i will always love him”. LOL#

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