We Are What We Do

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Most of us know we are that what we do, what we eat, what we say, etc. This is so powerful! A powerful gift for a powerful life. Why don’t we integrate this wonderful gift into our lives and use it to create an abundant, rich, joyful and most loving life? We have the power to be whatever we want to be, to choose anything we want. Why do we still complain and live unhappy lives?

The secret: ‘‘With great power comes great responsibility.’’

I heard this phrase in the movie Spiderman. It touched my heart and I consciously made the commitment to follow it. I  know that if I want to succeed I need to act and be the success I want. If I want to be happy, I need to be the happiness. If I want to have fun at a party, I need to be the fun! Yay!!

Like Ghandi said: ‘’Be the change you want to see in your world’’ …..Fantastic!!

Try it, and you will feel this power inside you. How do you do this? You need to listen to yourself, make a couple of notes of what you want in your lives, what changes you want to see. And work down your list, one by one. Make mistakes, allow failure as it will show you where to focus. And ask for feedback from people who loves you. Take a stand, it is so worth it.

You will see, you will have a natural glow that will radiate all over you and your aura. You will take responsibility for your own happiness and changes without feeling guilty. And only then, people will come to you and they will want the same. That is the perfect time that you can help them, without convincing anyone and effortlessly 🙂

Why Traveling is a Must!

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Traveling has many benefits and I’m sure we all know that. Are you familiar with the phrase: ‘‘The tunnel view on life, normally seen and experienced in our so-called suburbs?’’ Anyway, we conclude with the answer to this question.

Traveling offers a broad scope and view on life and its experiences. You meet amazing people and travellers on the way, expand your knowledge on various cultures and gain new perspectives on the lives of many. Exploring spectacular architecture and magnificent geographical formations with pure adrenalin adventures of all sorts and snorkeling in the wide open seas are all added bonuses.


You’ll learn native languages as you learn the niche of bargaining when buying creative arts and crafts from enthusiastic locals while you simultaneously experience immense gratitude for the comfort and safety of your own country. Traveling guarantees a stress-free experience, unless you’re the anxious type that wants everything to go your way. Traveling will knock you off your feet and teach you real life lessons. Not to mention when your stuff gets stolen or you are left with nothing but your clothes on. Yes, life lessons are part of traveling you should acknowledge and be prepared for.

Traveling offers more than just a collection of beautiful impressions and experiences. It completes you. It offers closure. It can map out your life and your future. It liberates you and your inner being. The secret to an amazing, fulfilling trip is to trust yourself and to let go of any expectations, whatsoever. To be in the moment and to allow your travels to sweep you off your feet.


Or do you want to end up like those ‘tunnel view’ folks in the suburbs, with their perfect homes surrounded by white picket fences and double garages who only see themselves as perfect and everyone else as failures? The choice is yours. Go on, book that flight and set your mind free, before it’s too late!

How Do You Step from the Top of a 100-foot Pole


Do you listen to yourself when your inner voice tells you: ”enough!” Are you able to step down your 100-foot pole?

It is time to take off your pompous mask and allow the world to see your true face: ”the naked you without  your illusional perfection or immortality!”

How many of us are willing to do that? How many of us are willing to admit we are wrong, we are fragile and we are vulnerable beings on this dear planet?

They say ignorance is bliss….but what they not saying: ”ignorance is the cause of all our problems.”

An interesting thought: ”Stepping down is our own translation and perception of reality. What if stepping down means stepping up in the eyes of the universe?” 

When this urge comes, adjust something in your life, pay attention and start investigating your reality. Listen and enquire deeply about your feelings and emotions. Trust in opening up to those who truly cares about you and open up to their perceptions and perspectives of you. The more you check your life, the deeper you will look into the source of your mind and the more your emotions appear, the more they will disappear. Resulting in turning around your confusion into that of authenticity and lasting happiness.

Now what about that pole you were climbing…..which pole?

Why Do Magazines Still Print?


We live in an online community where social media is the ruling party and technology is synchronised into our fast paced lives: we feel naked without our smartphones and we hardly communicate face to face. It is an online world! So why do magazines still print and selling the ”old fashioned” way?

I went off to the shops and asked a couple of people browsing magazines. The most significant answer: ‘‘Buying magazines is a habit and I’m so tempted! The cover is luring me in and while I browse, I’m subconsciously aware of my interests and what is useful in my life. Next thing, it is in my trolley.’’

The magazine people say they keep their clients happy by communicating the perfect life. ”How to be…”. It is almost like filling the gap.’’

My point: If it is all about filling the gap, then why not move to the online community and ditch the paper for good. After all, our trees are suffering….check this out: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_many_trees_are_cut_down_to_make_one_piece_of_paper

Now is a perfect time for the printing industry to move over and join the online community permanently. Find a way to use digital advertising in shops. Readers can browse and buy the online access via their smart phones. Just an idea!

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When Someone Steals from You


A couple of weeks ago, a few house items were taken from me.  Someone effortlessly stole these in bright daylight.

When the first item was stolen, I felt angry, sad and disappointed. Why??? Why steal something so personal, so dear to me and so expensive. When someone steals from you, how do you feel? What goes on in your head? How do you react?


Is it my karma? Did I steal from someone in my past life?

If this is happening because of past life actions, then the best I can do today if I want to live a life of abundance and success is to forgive myself for my negative actions. Even if I’m not aware of my past actions, I can make wishes. Good wishes will transmute, dissolve and transform all negative actions into positive results. A compassionate nature to life, to all experiences is the key to supporting me in situations like these. So I would think: “They stole from me because I must have stolen from them in a past life…So now I am grateful for the experience, it could have been worse,I am still alive. I forgive myself for harming them in the past, I am sorry and I set them free. I wish them manifold of what they took from me.’

To conclude: a wish for all: Say STOP to stealing and YES to sharing! 😉


We Are Afraid of the Wrong Things


Are we afraid of the wrong things and why? Were we once told that if we did wrong, our fingers will burn off and we will go to hell or that we will not succeed? Before answering these questions, it seems obvious to understand where it originates: the root.

When we were ‘fearless’ babies our parents naturally protected and loved us. Our parents guided and controlled our every move. Our parents taught us what they knew from right or wrong, meaning their opinions from their own life experiences. During our growing years, we developed a child conditioning and conditioned by our parents. Child conditioning is a natural phenomena and protection for ourselves, and is followed by our own little inner voice: unique, strong and sometimes defensive. Powered daily by guilt and judgement with a purpose: to control our very being.

Today as modern adults, we live more complexed lives with larger responsibilities surrounded by our high-tech devices eventually leading our own opinions and creating our own life experiences. Generally a life better than our parents or just plain the opposite. The result: fear of wrong and attached to right, accompanied by either fear of failure or attached to happiness. Leading to a life of longterm suffering…..

We can avoid the fear and detach ourselves from the known and the unknown. We can decide to own our little voice, cut the roots of our childhood conditioning and eventually take back our power.

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And how do we do that? By taking the stand to own your voice. Own your inner voice and tell it how you want to live, how you want to choose your decisions, that you want happiness instead of fear and eventually detaching yourself from the outcome of your decisions.

Find out what is right for you. Get to know yourself, who you really are and use various methods to help and support you. The world is an amazing place to explore and it will support you on your journey of self discovery and eventually enlightenment.

If you believe in yourself, stand your ground and walk your talk, then answer this question: ”How can I be afraid of the wrong things, when I know what wrong means to me?”

Our Crowning Glory


Hair is a big thing in my community. I am part of a nation called Rainbow nation. Just  imagine a colourful bunch of people, with colourful hair and a colourful culture. So why is hair so important in our culture? Why is hair our pride and crowning glory?

Let me start: ”My hair is an outward expression of the love I have within me. When I experience difficult times, I question my hair…I try to change my hair”

I then went and asked a couple of friends and relatives about their relationship with their hair:

    ”My hair’s connected to my moods. My moods are very much dependent on the state of my hair.”

    ”The straighter my hair, the better I feel from within. I get it right with a Swirlkous!” 

    ”I feel important, powerful and it gives me that extra confidence at work or in any environment.”

    ”My hair is the most significant in my life, even more so than my boyfriend!”

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After much thought on the subject, what revealed to me was that our reality is not shaped by the state of our hair but shaped by the experiences we gain from expressing ourselves through the state of our hair. Take responsibility for your own experiences by expressing a beautiful you, expressing a happier you, of living authentically in all your endeavours, without the need of approval from others.

It seems obvious our hair’s indeed, our crowning glory!

Fish Falling from the Sky

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A fish falling from the sky is a magical thing. An absolute miraculous occasion. But how often does this happen? Is it even possible? There is this saying: ”There is plenty of fishes in the sea.” Plenty for everyone which makes me think of love and I think astrology, the star sign Pisces.

I am a communicative, humorous and airy Gemini who often attracts the slippery, romantic Piscean who loves’ swimming’ away to sort out their life issues and need consistent affirmation on how wonderful they are. Give them their space, and they enthusiastically return with an energy Gemini’s simply can’t resist. This leads me to my next question: ‘‘Are Gemini’s and Pisceans the perfect match?’’

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According to the astrology compatibility scale, the passion quotient is high between Gemini’s and Pisceans, and so are the conflicts. Emotional, sensitive Piscean is too easily hurt by thoughtless, playful Gemini. Each practices deception in his or her own way: Gemini dissembles, Piscean won’t deal with reality. They are in fact, extreme opposites.

Gemini’s and Pisceans are a perfect match! So opposites do attract just like Yin & Yang, hot and cold, right and left, boy and girl….makes sense. And what does my story have to do with a fish falling from the sky? I leave it up to your imagination 🙂