Fashion, The Truth

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In our fast paced world, we need affirmations on how beautiful we look. We compete with latest fashions, socialize with our trendy peers and we hastily page through our fashion magazines where we daydream of how perfect we would look like: ‘If only I …’

The truth: ”Fashion is an illusion that creates an urge or desire within ourselves of what we can never be.”

Fashion is a business. It is a façade to keep us away from who and what we really are. We compare ourselves to super models and create huge expectations resulting in lack of confidence and stuffing ourselves with whatever is in our fridges.

We need to learn how we want to communicate to the outside world. Explore how you can enhance your natural features, what compliments your beauty and what works for you.

We can make it our business to look good. We can take the power back because we are the driver of our own lives. The good news is that the world has enough for everyone and everything. Our planet will be in perfect harmony and equilibrium as there will be no waste.
It is worth communicating your own style to the world and be the individual you are. Apply this view in all aspects of your life and you will live with confidence, happiness and authenticity, wherever you go.

2 thoughts on “Fashion, The Truth

  1. I like the fact that you chose the topic of Fashion, because fashion is all around us and we are all about fashion these days. You pin point that we page through our fashion magazines where we daydream of how perfect we would look in something we see. It is so true even if I have to relate it to myself. I love reading fashion trends and I always imagine myself in the newest fashion – especially when it comes to shoes 🙂

    However, interesting topic and like the slideshow. It captures attention.

  2. Well written piece. You have hit the nail on the head i.t.o. fashion merely being a facade and a money making business (racket). They have no real interst in you as the person. It is US who should be more aware of who we are. The slideshow IS a nice touch.

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