How do I realize the true benefits of meditation?

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Today meditation is well known and practiced in our societies. I strongly believe that meditation is our key to lasting happiness. Unfortunately meditation itself seems so complicated and vast. How can I realize the true benefits of meditation without getting confused, demotivated or lost on the way?

To understand the actual experience of meditation, it seems logical to understand the definition of it. Meditation means effortlessly remaining in whatever is. Now effortlessly remaining suggest that I sit in whatever is happening around and inside of me. In short, just sitting with my doing, saying, thinking and external environment.

Let me explain: what happens if I close my eyes, sit straight and look at the flame of a candle. I am aware of sounds, my breath, the object in front of me and my thoughts. Can it be that meditation makes me more aware of what is happening around me? Does meditation create the awareness of who I really am and how the world really functions?

After my experience, meditation brought amazing awareness and clarity in my mind, gave me inner peace and created a balance of tranquility. It makes sense to learn from someone who has reached this state before. I believe that if I continue with meditation and its tools otherwise known as dharma, the benefits will bring phenomenal results, even enlightenment. Just like Buddha Shakyamuni did.

personal source*

3 thoughts on “How do I realize the true benefits of meditation?

  1. I believe and experienced that one realizes the true benefits in situations where one easily gets caught up in ones own EGO-games, such as jealousy and anger. For instance, if anger kicks in, often one acts upon it. Meditation practice gives one some distance to whats happening in ones mind. So one might just wait a little….as the anger tries to find something or somebody to hook …the waiting and observing (nor surpressing) will let the energy within the emotion subside….The result is, one won´t make a fool out of oneself nor one won´t loose precious relationsships…Overtime one will even see the emotions arising at a very early stage and could even welcome and play with them…..enjoy

    1. Interesting way of looking at it. Are you saying meditation creates a space of awareness between my disturbing emotions and my actions? Therefor it can benefit my relationships positively. If so, then I guess its another reason to sit on that cushion! Thanks for your comment.

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